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4 years ago#1
Namco-Bandai is making a new spinoff Tales game: the anime you thought of in Tales format. It has the entire story of that anime, from start to finish. And, if the ending of the anime was a Downer Ending or Bittersweet Ending, there is a happy alternate ending that you can unlock if you fulfil certain conditions. What would this ending entail? (Don't forget your spoiler tags.)

The game will have titles, classic Tales artes and items, and generally everything you'd expect from a Tales game.

Out of the entire heroic cast, eight of them are playable. Who would be playable, based on character popularity and importance to the story?

Lastly, each playable character has one Tales cameo costume. Plus, the male lead, the female lead, and your favorite character (or second favorite if one of the leads is your favorite) have one additional cameo costume as a preorder bonus. Which Tales cameo costumes would you like to see each character have?

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4 years ago#2
Anime: Detective Conan
There won't be an ending, the game will just keep going on and on and on until anyone sane stops playing.

Character (costume):
Conan (Young Asbel)
Ran (Farah)
Kogoro (Raven)
Ai (Presea)
Agasa (Jade)
Sonoko (Arche)
Kaitou Kid (Judas)
Jodie (Mary)
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4 years ago#3
Mirai Nikki.

Oh god, what have I done?
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4 years ago#4
Death Note

4 years ago#5
Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

Best Tales game
4 years ago#6
Anime: Sailor Moon (that's right).

Character (costume):

Sailor Moon: Colette
Tuxedo Mask: Zelos? Richard?
Sailor Mercury: Philia
Sailor Mars: Sheena
Sailor Jupiter: Tear
Sailor Venus: Mint
Sailor Pluto: Milla
Sailor Uranus: Rita
Sailor Neptune: Estelle
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Sailor Saturn: Sophie
4 years ago#7
dot21496 posted...
Mirai Nikki.

Oh god, what have I done?

4 years ago#8
This doesn't really work unless you pick one of those standart battle shounen anime. >__>
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4 years ago#9
Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso

I think it already exists.
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4 years ago#10
Easily fate/stay night
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