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3 years ago#32

Oh wait wrong game
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3 years ago#33
ThePrinceJay posted...

Oh wait wrong game

Wrong game, but a very funny death quote nonetheless.
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3 years ago#34
frubam posted...

3 years ago#35
AyeJavon posted...
Havic101 posted...
AyeJavon posted...
"Trying To Kill Me?" Anise
But I think she says that when she's low on HP.

Only when Luke and Jade aren't on the field. She tries to hide her more aggressive side from them. XD

Really? I never notice that.

Take Jade and Luke out of the party and use Anise's default Mystic Arte. XD
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3 years ago#36
Tbh, I just wanna mention Asbel's "I failed everyone..." because whenever he gets knocked out, I always make sure to be very fast with that Life Bottle since his revive quote (which he even speaks in a somewhat cheerful manner) is pretty hilarious when it directly follows his death quote.

"I failed everyone... Sorry about that!"
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3 years ago#37
^Better yet, have a Curry dish in the Mixer and it'll do it for you.
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