When did you preorder?

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User Info: RiceManDan

3 years ago#1
Thought it might be interesting to see this. If you preordered then post a picture of it. Earliest preorder wins?

I preordered it on amazon when I saw it was $10 off and had a free trial of prime so I would get the game on release date. I regret nothing since I saved about $20.


User Info: archvile_78

3 years ago#2
The day the release date was announced.

User Info: Havic101

3 years ago#3
I preordered the game tomorrow.
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User Info: animeloverzz

3 years ago#4
I'm going to preorder it today or maybe tomorrow XD.
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User Info: Tales_Of_Raven

3 years ago#5
I pre-ordered the CE right it when it was announced.
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User Info: Etherealist

3 years ago#6
Four months ago when they restocked the CEs on Amazon.
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User Info: Tymo97

3 years ago#7
Last Saturday $28 in cash, will pay the rest off on release day.
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User Info: S_T_O_N_E_

3 years ago#8
I ordered the 13th of july I believe through gamestops online instore pickup pre-order.
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User Info: RPGEndBoss

3 years ago#9
Not quite sure, but I pre-ordered it the day the CE edition was announced for the US. I can't find my slip, which isn't surprising since I throw away my pre order receipts since I have the rewards card anyway and that's all they ask for.

I Made sure to pre-order it early because I'm still ticked off about missing the Borderlands 2 red treasure box edition. My store only had one and someone pre-ordered it on day one. Now I'm the guy who stole the CE :)

User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

3 years ago#10
archvile_78 posted...
The day the release date was announced.
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