Do sephira's stack?

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If I have one on all my party members, would I get 6 times the amount of gald per battle?
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Dude. It's on the same page.
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I believe they do but only up to 4 times out of 6 since I believe you can only use 4 party members in battle and the accessory only works using the in battle party members.

The blue sephira's work the same way if 4 party members equip it.
#5HirogellPosted 8/9/2013 9:05:27 PM
I'm not 100% sure on 6 but I do know they will stack up to 4, as that's how many party members you can have out at once. An easy way to check with the Sephira is to fight something with a known base exp (Single Bosses) will be and apply some basic math.

It's also important to remember that even though they say, "Receive 1.5 times as much Gald from battle". Each only only gives a 0.5 increase to the total Gald earned.

1 Sephira = 50% increase = Base x 1.5
2 Sephira = 100% increase = Base x 2.0
3 Sephira = 150% increase = Base x 2.5
4 Sephira = 200% increase = Base x 3.0

Blue Sephira is a lot easier to remember and calculate as well as each one gives double of the base exp.

1 Blue Sephira = 100% increase = Base x 2
2 Blue Sephira = 200% increase = Base x 3
3 Blue Sephira = 300% increase = Base x 4
4 Blue Sephira = 400% increase = Base x 5

Again not sure if more than 4 will stack, but it should be easy to test.
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exp? don't you mean Gald?

Also it doesn't appear to stack with food buffs. It seems that food buffs that give more glad will overwrite the blue sephira's.
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