Tales of Xillia Sub Quest Guide (SPOILERS)

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Here are links to complete all side quests except 1 which Is missing from the guide I will explain that one myself. I have used this guide myself and have completed all sub quests except the Golden Knight which is not part of the trophy
Missing Sidequest: Those Who Act in Shadow
Part 1: When you arrive in sapstrah seahaven go and stay at the in you will see a scene that involves alvin. Exit the inn and you will see another scene.
Part 2: Approach the inn in Xan Du
Part 3 Once you have beatean king nactihaul go to the medical center and speak with the man you met in the beginning of the game
Part 4: after being able to travel between Rize Maxia and Elympios speak to the man at the in in Niea Khera
The rest is in the links including a detailed grade cost list Devil Beast Locations and,Aifread treasure locations. The Mysterious Jewels are in the youtube video unfortunately the video is in japanese and somewhat low quality but should be enough to find them all.

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