Think of your favorite game and compare it to your favorite Tales game

#41DragonSamuraiPosted 9/10/2013 9:36:03 PM
What a strange topic, and one where things can be easily skewed toward one's favorite all-time game. What if, theoretically, your favorite all-time game is a racer like Mario Kart 7? How do you compare that to, let's say, Tales of Destiny R?
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Its kind of hard to compare my favorite game of all time, phantasy star online, to my favorite tales of game, tales of xillia (before I get pounced on for my opinion, the reason I like xillia so much is for it's battle system alone and all the air combo stuff you can pull off. Also link artes reminds me of chrono trigger, another jrpg I love).

Phantasy star online is a online rpg that pretty much has endless replay value for me (back when the official online servers were alive anyway), finding rares with all the different section ids, chilling with friends (most of which I still talk to to this day...pso had a awesome community on the gamecube and xbox believe it or not), always making better challenge mode times, these games had it all for me. I pretty much put in over 7,000 hours total playtime between all my different characters combined across pso and pso ver2. on dreamcast, gamecube ep1 and 2, then finally xbox pso episode 1 and 2.

The tales of series in general is my "go to" games for chilling out. I find these games and their battle systems fun and relaxing, especially on replays when you can carry over all your moves and whatnot.

I do wish phantasy star online 2 had some sort of xbox 360 or ps3 port though, I never could get into the PC versions of these PSO games....just doesn't feel right.
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