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3 years ago#1
Favorite Motoi Sakuraba style? - Results (50 votes)
Baten Kaitos / Eternal Sonata (unique, mysterious, otherworldly)
50% (25 votes)
Golden Sun / Tales of Phantasia (classic, adventurous)
38% (19 votes)
His more recent styles, e.g. Jude's battle themes, Star Ocean 4 (mash up, forceful)
12% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Let me provide some examples for each poll option:

Baten Kaitos (true mirror):
Baten Kaitos Origins (valedictory elegy):
Eternal Sonata (leap the precipice):

Golden Sun (Isaac's Battle theme):
Tales of Phantasia (Take up the cross):

Star Ocean 4 (blood on the keys):
Tales of Xillia (Jude's battle theme):

The examples I've listed above are all battle themes (since it's easiest to discern a particular style from his battle music compositions). Yes, I know this categorization isn't perfect, but it's the best I can do. Just choose as best you can. If you have a different way of categorizing Sakuraba's works, I'd love to hear of it.
3 years ago#2
I love the Tales of the Abyss soundtrack. I don't know which category that falls under but yeah. Symphonia #2, but Abyss... Damn.
3 years ago#3
Classic fantasy music all the way for me.
3 years ago#4

I for one like the adventurous songs. But the something about the mystical ones draws me it too.
"COme. Let uS aLL eXPresS Our feeliNgs."
3 years ago#5
Infinite Undiscovery style.
3 years ago#6
Baten Kaitos style by far.
3 years ago#7
Not including Valkyrie Profile as an example in this is a disgrace.
3 years ago#8
All of them.
Favorites: Tales of Symphonia, Paper Mario: TTYD, Dragon Quest V, Persona 3/4, Tales of Graces f, Baten Kaitos1/2, Mario and Luigi SS, Fire Emblem, BanjoTooie
3 years ago#9
Baten Kaitos. I also like Tales of Destiny's soundtrack, but I have no idea what it falls under.
"Right, vending machines full of blood."
3 years ago#10
Star Ocean 3 style
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