Favorite Motoi Sakuraba style

#11edge_of_painPosted 9/15/2013 6:59:25 AM
Baten Kaitos. I have very fond memories of the music in that game. One of my favorite RPG's ever.
#12Regal_Bryant12Posted 9/15/2013 8:28:14 AM
kanart posted...
Star Ocean 3 style

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#13Fa1nTyPosted 9/15/2013 8:36:55 AM
Star Ocean / VALKYRIE PROFILE style
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#14frubamPosted 9/15/2013 8:39:52 AM
Def BK style. The music is more varied than Tales or Star Ocean. Not that I hate Tales or SO, but its still feels like it complemented the environment more.
#15XenilPosted 9/15/2013 8:52:07 AM
Take the best of all three.

But Valkyrie Profile and Baten Kaitos are his best works imo.
#16Shun Goku SatsumaPosted 9/15/2013 9:05:17 AM
Only a couple of things from Sakuraba that I've liked lately. SO4's Blood on the Keys is one of them...and I can't think of any others now. Oh, World Sinking into Darkness, if that was him.
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