What is the best line in a Tales game?

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User Info: djunk411

3 years ago#1
The best line out of all Tales games in my opinion (and I personally thinkin any game) has got to be:

"Where's my horny woman at?!" - Moses Sandors, Tales of Legendia

User Info: Regurk_Abas

3 years ago#2
"Shut up! This isn't about logic!" - Asch, Tales of the Abyss.
- The backtracking. Oh dear lord it sucks.
- Shut up and return to Daath already.

User Info: SweedishFeesh

3 years ago#3
"I don't want to be a dad!" - Asbel to Cheria

User Info: SocialNeku

3 years ago#4
oh god yes (add the emphasis)

User Info: Raulsen

3 years ago#5
Mithos' "Farewell, my shadow" schpill.
Yes, I'm a Christian and 100% proud of it. God Bless!
You're not alone anymore. We're together, and I'm not leaving you. -The City in the Snow Globe

User Info: L0rdCrump

3 years ago#6
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality."

|--|o\/o|-|~ Can't let you do that, Star Fox!~~~|

User Info: NextGenCowboy

3 years ago#7
"Tiger Festival!"

"Oh god yes!"

Troy Baker's version of "Prepare to die eggbear."

Anything between Dymlos and Atwight.

User Info: fateoffate

3 years ago#8
"How many times we said 'Just this once' until it become a habit?"

User Info: BaneFang

3 years ago#9
"What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us?"
Currently playing: Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia 2

User Info: beautheschmo

3 years ago#10
"I lied ... it's hot."
Koitsu wa mirai wo takusu eigo no tsurugi da! ZANKUU TENSHOUKEN!!!!
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