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5 years ago#1
So I started a career creating myself as a LF and got drafted by the Pirates (snore) I got a bit addicted and played just my at bats through my entire AA season. Hit .377 with 16 bombs and 80 RBI, 30 doubles and 7 triples. I achieved my goals most of the time but found out no matter if i got 5 out of 5 or 6 out of 6 I would not get promoted. We won our division with me hitting 3rd and 5th most of the time. I Hit a homer and a triple in the AA All=Star game and got player of the game. Team made it to the Playoffs and won our divisions AA Championship. So really good start to my career obviously.

2nd Year, got promoted to AAA for my second season as the starting LF. Had a guy named Mcneill who was the back up LF that put some heat on me the entire season and out homered me 18 to 15. I again played only my at bats and simmed the rest, I batted .384 with 17 and 72 RBI, 38 doubles,9 triples. I noticed myself getting anxious when I had the bases loaded often and was not too clutch with runners in scoring position. Even so I batted 4th 90% of the season and 3rd 10%, I hit 2 pinch hit homers and had 3 walk off game winning hits. Did not fare well in the All-Star Game going 0-2. I used my All-Star 400 bonus ppoints combined with my previous games 120 points to unload on my Right handed hitting power (420 total) made my power go up to 65 and finished the year at 70 power vs. righties. My team again won our division and we had alot of power hitters, had Pedro Alvarez hitting behind me the entire year and he Raked. He out homered me as well 22 to 15. I might have hit 30 homer runs foul this season and had tons of very deep fly balls caught or bounced off the fences at this level, getting close to being a power hitter. I did hit for the Cycle in one game in this season with a double in my last at bat.

3rd Year, Got the call to the Majors as the Pirates starting Left Fielder. All the teams rosters are all mixed up at this point 3 years in. Our Pirates line-up is quite good and loaded with power but our pitching is suspect at best. Pedro and Neil Walker got promoted with me with Neil hitting infront of me and Pedro hitting behind me just like AAA. I have been unloaded tons of training points on speed and right handed power and contact. Same as the previous 2 years I played only my at bats and simmed the rest. I just finished spring training and we really sucked with only 13 wins. I hit .424 with 7 bombs and 23 RBI, 14 doubles, 3 triples and 2 steals. So obviously it was not my fault for the teams crappy record. I carried us through one week winning 6 games in a row which I hot 3 bombs and had 2-3 RBI in each game, but it seemed like the games I hit singles or failed to drive runs in we lost. My power has been incredible since I got my Right handed power at 78 and Left 64, getting good at crushing hanging breaking balls.

Our Line-up looks damn good with Mccutchen/Walker/Jones/Me/Alvarez/Mike More/a Rookie named Mabry at 1st who rakes and Snyder at cather, our bench has Wil Venable & Jerry Hairston jr as the main fill ins.

Will post more after i play my 1st Major league season-
5 years ago#2
So I entered the year as the starting LF, 5 games in I hit my first career Homerun. That same game I had a calf strain injury and was taken out of the line-up. I was then replaced by Wil Venable at starter in LF for about 25 games I spot started 2 times and had 3 pinch hit AB's. I failed my goals because of the non-playing time and all my attributes started to fall, our RF Jones then became injured and I replaced him and like Venable did to me, I took his starting RF job. Not sure why the computer does this but my guy is LF and Venable is a RF yet they have not switched us back to our regular positions.

Pedro Alvarez has struggled big time hitting .208 through the first 60 games of the season but he does has 8 bombs. I am currently hitting .424 with 10 homeruns and 32 RBI, 12 doubles and 2 triples. My power rating are 81 vs. Right and 64 vs. Left. Last game I played I hit a 2 run shot off Jubaldo Jiminez (now on the Reds) and that won the game for us 3-2. We are playing well but trailing St. Louis by 5 games. St. Louis somehow has A-Gone at 1b.
5 years ago#3
In my 3rd year I won Rookie of the year, batted .394 with 33 homers and 89 RBI. I'm not sure if it is my attributes or what but I cant seem to clutch up and drive runners in very often, I left alot of guys on base and luckily Garrent Jones behind me cleaned up and hit 36 bombs with 111 RBI. I had 2 small DL stints that cost me about 25 games, I hit 3 pinch hit homers and kinda pulled everything this year to left. We made the playoffs winning the Wild Card, This was the worst part....I failed my end of the season lofty goals and was benched for the playoffs (ya right a guy hitting .394 with 33 homeruns gets benched) we made in past the first round to the 2nd, I was 7 for freakin 7 pinch hitting.

4th year: This was quite a odd year, our team signed David Dejesus and he kinda replaced me in LF, we also signed Scott Hairston so we now have 3 LF's. I started 4 games in the preseason and a bunch of pinch hits, was given a bench role? This game/coaching is really bad there's no way i would not be starting. I did terrible pinch hitting, failed my 3 chances of goals, only had 3 starts and was sent to AAA? I hit well in AAA was down there 2 months and loaded my attributes up for the big show, was called up for the last month which I just simmed because it was a lost cause at this point. I hit .170 with 5 homeruns and 31 RBI woof what a bad year. I hit .345 with 7 homers and 27 RBI in AAA. A guy on my AAA team Durant was raking behind me and needs a call up as well. Everyone else blows on this team prospect wise.

5th year: I was given my starting job back, Dejesus is gone and did terrible. Mccutchen is gone, Alvarez (who hit 29 HR last season) is gone, Mike Morse 1b is gone. Our lineup is pretty much Me and Garret Jones with 6 guys that are all AAA players, 3 of them are A level prospects but they are not doing anything in the preseason. I spent this entire preseason raking up my attributes to where i want them for the season. I have my right handed power to 91 now and it shows, I am finally hitting zoomed out blasts to center. Preseason stats with 6 games left .365 7 homers 16 RBI. Trying to get my speed up to 68 before the season starts to beat out infield hits. Going to play every game this year (just batting and simming the rest). I have 1 year left on my contract and I am out of this hell hole lol. Really want to try to make the All-Star team this season to boost my value when I ht the free agent market.
5 years ago#4
So in my 5th year we are having a great season, so far 48 & 36 and 6.5 games up on the Cubs. My team is a bunch of no names with me, Garret Jones and Melky Cab. sprinkled in. We Still have Scott Hairston off the bench and DHing, I made the All-Star team for the first time, hit a 2 run bomb in the All-Star game and got 640 points after the game, my Right handed hitting power is now 97 (and it shows, I am hitting alot more homers frequently), upped my speed to 73 & Arm to 72. I am at .406 21 bombs 70 RBI.

I have hot a grand slam when my team was trailing by 4, hit a 2 run bomb in the 9th when my team was down by 2, hit a 3 run shot to go up 1 run and we won all 3 of those games. My impact has been so good that I am leading MVP right now.

With that said, after my last year (6th year) I want to sign a 1-2 year deal with Boston just to play at Fenway and then so on and bounce around to parks I like.
5 years ago#5
So I waited out my 6 year contract to end from the Pirates and pursued free agency after having a down year that I simmed and hit the 60 day DL mid season, finished with .265 20 80 season. The prior year I was MVP with .392 34 125 season so my guy was really built up from that season.

I was offered a contract from 14 teams, I waited until the cubs offered me a deal. I looked at the rosters on all the clubs and wanted to join a team that had 2 proven hitters. The cubs had a rookie 3b name Prichett that hit .323 33 108 with 21 steals and a 1b named Mayo that hit .299 27 94 also with 16 steals, so i joined them for my 7th season at 27 million for a 2 year deal. I thought it was going to be awesome but they did'nt have a leadoff guy or a decent #2 hitter so me being at the 3 hole I really did'nt have alot of RBI chances. Also Prichett bombed in his second year, Mayo did ok but not as well as his prior year and our pitching staff was last in the bigs. So about 3 months in with them I simmed the rest of my 7th season and 8th season so I could get out of Chicago. I did well even through simming and posted a .324 34 98 season going into free agency again.

I had a problem with hitting homeruns on Chicago, I was not getting strikes down the middle with no runners on and hit Alot alot of warning track blasts that were caught. Even with my Right handed power being 99 and left 72.
5 years ago#6
I entered year 9 as a Free Agent left the cubs to try to go to Boston who lead the league in Homers the year before. Again In 4 days I was offered 9 contracts, I almost went to the Angels but I waited a couple days and Boston Offered me a 5 year deal that I countered with a 2 year 30 Million dollar offer and they accepted. Awesome!

I was happy to see that 4 of my teammates from the Pirates were also picked up by Boston, our Starting catcher Gann, a setup guy and 2 Starters Peterson who was amazing on the Pirates and could be CY young winner and Matt Cain.

I am about 42 games into the new season, our team is a powerhouse with Matt Kemp leading off, Pedroria 2nd, Me at the 3, Evan Longoria at the 4, Kendry Morales #5, Gann #6, a 2nd year RF named Self at the 7# and 2 crappy guys at the DH and SS 8-9 spots.

7 of the 9 guys have decent power, myself - Kemp - Longoria - Morales & Self with plus power. Kemp has 9 bombs, I have 12, Longo has 14, Morales 8, Self 11.

I hit some towering popups that translate in homers at Fenway, I love this park. I also have 2 inside the park homeruns, my guys has 87 speed now but never steals. I beat out alot of infield hits and its been great for my Avg.

I am at .373 12 38 right now, 2nd in LF All-Star voting, I really want to make the All-Star team to rack up the bonus points you get from that game. 6 guys from my teams are leading right now at their positions. I have not won a World Series yet so hopefully this is the team to get me there. I'd like to play 1 season with the Padres and maybe a couple with Texas & the Yankees just to play in their ball parks. We shall see
5 years ago#7
u should get a 1baseman. great starting power n contact.
5 years ago#8
My first season with boston is over, we were first in every offensive stat and killed the league going 110-52.

I beat Ichiro's single season hits mark with 264 hits. My batting avg. was ridiculous at .423 with 51 bombs and 147 RBI. I had one 3 homer game, a couple 2 homer games and a whole bunch of single homer games, only 2 grand slams, 4 in the park homeruns at fenway. We had guys with 51, 38, 31, 27, 26, 25, 25,18, 14 with only 2 bench players having 9 and 7, 3 rookies hit there first homerun the last week. We had several guys with over 30 stolen bases and lead the league in that as well.

My speed is ay 98 now and I beat out Alot of infield singles, I even bunted 2 times and went 2 for 2 beating both out to first. My right handed power is 99 and left 91, most of my stats are in the 80's - 90's now.

I won MVP for the 2nd time, Peterson won Cy Young going 23-2 with a 2.23 era

We beat the Twins in the first round of the playoffs, now we will be facing Texas who is a powerhouse and has a fast team.
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