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4 years ago#1
I just bought this game and all I have to say is this is the best mlb game period! Since Sony skipped out on 2012 for the ps2 you can't do no wrong with 2011.Update the rosters yourself and you have 2012.
4 years ago#2
I bought this game on release after previously owning 06 for PS2, and 08 for PS3. It is as good as it always was, best baseball sim out there as far as I'm concerned. The only thing that kind of bugged me in 11 was that the attendance numbers for the games were always maxed out. In 06 the attendance varied like if you were playing the Marlins the attendance would be 16,000 something. I would like to start playing this game again but I'm too lazy to update the rosters. I'm looking for updated rosters to download though if somebody wants to do it. You have to have a cheat device like a Gameshark though in order to get the save file off the memory card and put it on the computer. Oh, and I would still probably be playing this on my PS3 if it hadn't died so 11 on the PS2 is my only option for baseball this year. I'm not going to play that 2K garbage, I have 2K10 for the PC and the dirt turns purple! Also the fielding in that game is awful compared to the Show as well as the commentary. Glad to see that there is somebody out there who is still playing this game but I guess there wasn't enough people who bought it on release for sony to bring this years version to the PS2 though. I don't know how well this game sold but it could be that sony didn't release it because they are trying to kill off the PS2 in favor of the PS3. The PS3 is good and all but I still have my launch PS2 and a slim that still work perfect and a broken PS3 that I only had for a couple years so the PS3s durability is horrible in my opinion. Anyway, long live The Show!, and if you would like to share your updated rosters please do!
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4 years ago#3
Opps, I actually owned 07 for the PS2 not 06. I've also rented 09 for the PS3 and I think I just skipped 10 all together. Really the game doesn't change much year to year but the graphical difference between the PS2 and PS3 version is pretty obvious otherwise the gameplay is pretty much the same. I think the 11 version for PS2 might have a few more glitches than the 07 version did but its been so long since I've played 07 (the first Show game I ever played) that it could have had its share of glitches too.
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4 years ago#4
Good to see another mlb2011 ps2 fan here! Sony sold A LOT of mlb 2011 for the ps2 I read.They will see this year when they lose money only having it for the ps3 and the Vita.How many people own a Vita ? Not many.How many own a ps2? Everybody! I think a very poor decision by Sony this year.Hopefully it comes back next year.If not,I'll just upgrade to a PS 3 !
4 years ago#5
I don't think sony is going to bring it back to the PS2, this was the last one. The Show is great on the PS3 but the system just isn't built as well as the PS2. I would wait until the PS3 is dirt cheap before I bought another one. For what I paid for it I expected it to last as long as my PS2s not 2 years and then up and die. The other thing that stinks about the PS3 is that all your game saves and stuff is stored on the hard drive which is then impossible to get to when your system dies. You can't transfer your stuff even if you get a new PS3 which really stinks. At least with the PS2 you have cards that are separate from the system so even if your system dies your saves are safe.
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4 years ago#6
I've had my xbox 360 last longer then your ps3 and I bought it used from gamestop heck my ps2 is still going I did have a problem when my ps2 freezed up but then one day I cleaned it inside and out and got my fan running really good again now it plays better then ever still playing from 2001 I also have a psp always loved the mlb series even from the ps one days
4 years ago#7

anybody got the 2012 rosters for this great game?? would love to get the updated rosters on the go

4 years ago#8
Does anyone know the differences between the PS2 and PS3 versions? I've seen both versions, but am tempted to get the PS3 version. If the PS2 version has enough functionality(and if at least it got some updates, despite that I suspect the game engine probably hasn't been changed in a few years), maybe I'd consider getting the PS2 one. I'm leaning towards the PS3 version, and if a store I found it at had the price of the PS3 one a tad lower, I would've picked it up when I saw it about a week ago.
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