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Can't defeat The Forgotten One, please help. (Archived)lowtide85112/30/2013
The DLC is crap, seriously (Archived)Nogaham11/22/2012
Am i the only one who felt like the two DLC's were unnecessary and a mess? SPOIL (Archived)Cranman198248/5/2011
notorious enemy and the end of belmont heritage ( spoiler ) (Archived)monimonimon67/23/2011
When is this coming out in PSN asia? (Archived)ian_sanzo77/21/2011
Whoever designed the boss fight with the forgotten one needs to be bludgeoned... (Archived)
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I can't defeat the Forgotten One. (Archived)
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Forgotton One looks like.... (Archived)AutarchSeverian27/8/2011
The Forgotten Ones EPIC vocal performance alone makes this worth it!!! (Archived)
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bs bs bs BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)CRISTALSONIC27/5/2011
more DLC (Archived)JonnyModlin66/30/2011
Truly a disappointing dlc for what seemed to be a genre-defining ending (Archived)
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Don't waste your money (no spoilers) (Archived)RGDubz36/27/2011
Just finished the DLC. (Spoilers?) (Archived)
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Possibly an easter egg.... (spoilers) (Archived)bcornelia76/23/2011
quick question about DLC (Archived)Becko36/23/2011
Release When??? (Archived)
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Come On!!! (Archived)oCAFFEINEo56/21/2011
wasent this dlc supposed to explain the belmonts also? (Archived)For3v3rz3r026/14/2011
June 7th, Confirmed dlc (Archived)
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