Any word on Chapter XV???

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User Info: Tarskidx

5 years ago#1
There are two greyed out areas after Reverie, which is chapter XIII. Once Resurrection DLC is opened up, this is chapter XIV and there is a greyed out (inaccessible) chapter XV that I was curious about and came here looking for an answer. Was there mention of a proposed chapter XV DLC or is this unlocked somehow?

User Info: An0nym0usGam3r

5 years ago#2
That's probably Chapter 8

User Info: Icarusael

5 years ago#3
curiously, I don't have anymore grey level lol and it stop at XIV, I think you didn't check well

User Info: SSJ_Vegetolli

5 years ago#4
if you mean the "grayed" out area AFTER it... look through the chapters again buddy... LOL You'll see it's a previously visited area....
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