Final Boss seem impossible...

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5 years ago#11
I tried that....but when I go to another world and refill, then go back, my status is back to the same as it was before. For example, I get to 14-2 and i have half my health bar, no light magic and almost all my shadow magic. I leave and go to another stage and fill up, then go back but my status is the same. Do I need to finish stage 5-2 and let it save?
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5 years ago#12
Well I finally got it to save but it doesn't matter, this boss is one of the most frustrating, annoying, and unbalanced bosses I've ever fought. I doubt I'll ever even beat him, and I'm not sure I even care to keep trying. Horrible DLC.
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5 years ago#13
^ yeah you need to find save points to save those filled-up meters before leaving the stage.

if you need help beating the boss, search for the Ch. 14 no damage paladin Trials in YouTube. at least you can get an idea on what moves to use to minimize getting hit.
5 years ago#14
I finally did beat him last night after many tries. It wasn't particularly satisfying but at least I finished.
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