Can't Connect to EA Servers

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5 years ago#1

I have been playing this game online since the first day it came out without any problems whatsoever and then all of a sudden over the past week I have only been able to connect to EA servers twice. I have tried resetting the console date as somebody suggested as a fix but to no avail. I have tried resetting my modem and router and I have also tried using an ethernet connection instead of wifi but nothing has worked.I haven't changed any of my internet settings so I don't know what the problem could be.

Is anybody else having the same issue or am I the only one?

5 years ago#2

Theres something wrong with the EA servers right now, I can't connect to TW or any of the Battlefield games. Had the problem since last Thursday and it's getting on my nerves.

5 years ago#3
Same thing has been happening to me as well. Starting with Battlefield about a week ago. Just noticed that I couldn't connect to Tiger today. Been playing both of those with no problems for months.
5 years ago#4
Found a solution that worked for me. I deleted the most recent title update for battlefield off of my 360 hard drive, then when it was forced on me to download, it seemed to solve my issue. Tiger works as well.
5 years ago#5
Just bought this game.

I couldn't get my online pass, so I tried it every now and then and after an hour or so I could download it.
Now I want to play again and the servers are not available again.

The upgrade from Tiger was forced on me, as any live upgrade is, so I'm not sure I understand how you got it to work.
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.
5 years ago#6
haven't ever been able to connect to ea servers since i got the game
5 years ago#7

I cant get on either, EA servers are currently unavailable. I tried Tiger 11 and it was the same. I have cleared the cache on the xbox and checked my routers ports are correctly configured for xbox live.

5 years ago#8
It now connects randomly for me.

Sometimes if I try a few times, it will connect,but still 60-70% of the times I try to log in, I can't connect.

Hope EA fixes this. It's not my connection. Hope they get their act together.

EA sports: it is a shame.
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.
5 years ago#9
Gamingdutchman I completely agree, Ea sports is a damn disgrace. I have been having this problem for weeks now and EA has done absolutely nothing to fix it. Over on the official EA TW forums people have called tech support and they insist that it is not their servers even when it clearly is. I played this game every day online and never had a problem until they took down a bunch of their servers for old games. If they don't have it fixed by my next day off I'm going to drive to EA's main branch and I'm going to go postal on them.
5 years ago#10
How awful if anyone actually purchased the online thing rather than getting a code for free

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