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5 years ago#1
I m willing to add as a friend anyone that can beat me twice in a match a 5 games to help you get the achievement of having a friendscore of more than 1 million.

Invite me to a game I never refuse a match. My gamertag is bullbob44.

Scrubs be warned, I ve never lost a match against someone out of the top 30 in classic mode so maybe you d prefer to challenge me at twist loll...
5 years ago#2
Not really looking for a challenge but you got any tips?
5 years ago#3
Well hard to say but easier to show. I should try doing youtube videos about tips and tricks.

A few basic things that may help you is to know is to learn to recognize L and T shape paterns to make star gems as they are the best route to go for high scores.

Beginners also need to try to concentrate on speed rather than making the perfect matches all the time as making rapid matches gives you bonus points. Making more matches means more chances for random cascades. A very important thing is to always look for a minimum of 2 matches you can make in advance so you don t get stuck looking for a new match everytime

Last tip i ll give you is to remember you don t have to wait for a cascade to end to make a new move. That s very important since it ll be the only way to get the highly prized blazing speed mode.
5 years ago#4
That helps a little, I was able to improve my score. My only issue now is working on my reflexes and not pressing the wrong button when I've got a clear match going.
5 years ago#5
Also try to remember that the closer to the middle your matches are made, the more chances you have to get cascades and clear up the board. The worst part of a match is if you have your matches restricted to one of the upper corners and can only do one match at a time.
5 years ago#6
What s your gamertag???

I can add you to my party and we would do non ranked matches so you can just watch me play. That way you d learn much faster. I m sure you could breach the top 50 easily. You d have an edge on everyone.
5 years ago#7
I dont really care about the achievment but I wouldnt mind adding you as a friend. All my other friends dont play this game.
XBL-Orygun Duxs
5 years ago#8
My Gamertag is Purest Prodigy. You can friend me, but I won't be able to watch you since I don't have Gold and have no intention of renewing it until summer.
5 years ago#9
If you renew it now you get a free game.
XBL-Orygun Duxs

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