shared stash broken????

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5 years ago#1
i put items into my shared stash chest and then they disappear....anyone else have this problem??????
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5 years ago#2

Playing hardcore? Shared stash doesn't work for hardcore. Also, be sure you're using the shared stash and not the standard chest.

5 years ago#3
yup, i did find out though that if you go back into the mine the shared stash disappears....i guess this is to prevent if you want to share anything just make sure to put it in the chest and then log out...because if you decend again you lose it!
GT and PSN-kurosawasghost
5 years ago#4

In that case something may be broken, because that is not how the shared stash works on the PC version.

5 years ago#5
hmm....yeah i keep losing stuff
GT and PSN-kurosawasghost
5 years ago#6
I just lost 23 purple and orange items in the stash because I wanted to put a respec potion from a new character in there. Something is definitely amiss with the shared stash.
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5 years ago#7
I haven't lost anything yet but I hope they fix this. I would hate to lose everything I have put into the shared stash :(
5 years ago#8
Does the shared stash work for hard core characters with other hardcore characters? Or am I trapped in only using what I find for the rest of my (mortal) life?
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5 years ago#9
i lost a lot of stuff i put in while playing the demo...
i thenbought the full game only to find all my stuff gone!
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5 years ago#10
Happened to me too TC. I hope they get it fixed ASAP.
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