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Why no eshop rating (Archived)ss_beelzebub26/8/2011
Developer of BlazBlue talks trash about SSF4 & DoA. (Archived)
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So I called Aksys' Customer Support line... (Archived)JoeAdvanced56/7/2011
This game has no online? (Archived)Spade5956/7/2011
Ever Notice... (Archived)Hope_The_Chosen26/6/2011
offical sequel to Continuum Shift? (Archived)ShinCougar26/6/2011
Solution to Sleep Mode (Archived)MabinogiFan56/6/2011
Problems with the controls in story mode. (Archived)arch944366/6/2011
Word of warning for Best Buy purchasers (Or a few other retailers possibly) (Archived)zeldasho16/6/2011
Is there a trick to gaining heat? (Archived)LotionExplosion46/6/2011
Are the combos the same on this as the 360 version? (Archived)Nikolai_Krane36/6/2011
I wanna see Platinum re-enact a certain scene from Aladdin (Archived)palpatine_roxx86/6/2011
Are all the DLC colors included? (Archived)ultimatekd26/6/2011
This game fails. (Archived)strongo966/5/2011
Well, I finally found something that ticks me off (Spoilers maybe?) (Archived)TheSuspected96/5/2011
For the last time, This is by no means a bad game! (Archived)
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So how do I play Tager with a d-pad? (Archived)
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Abyss Mode - save progress? (Archived)bluermlou96/5/2011
Was there a shipping delay or what? (Archived)J_Cov76/5/2011
Never ending Load Screen? (Archived)
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