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5 years ago#1
I wanted to play with my friend in coop. We have a logitech controller. The game doesn't accept it. We can't play.

That's it in a nutshell. Even though I have a controller plugged in that works fine in other games, when I try to activate it in the menu it will say "No Xbox360 controller detected" or something like that. It makes me really angry.
It's the same as with Super Meat Boy, where it acted as if the controller wasn't calibrated and I now suspect that was because the game was looking for an Xbox360 controller.

Basically, if you're planning to buy a gamepad for your PC, it has the be a 360 controller because other ones don't seem to be supported by some games. Damn annoying.
5 years ago#2
The game is barely playable with a controller anyway, use KB+M ya noob!
"the" -- Geneva Convention, Article 4, Paragraph 3, Sentence 5, Word 3
5 years ago#3
I do use Keyboard and mouse, didn't you read what I wrote? The title even specifically talks about coop mode. I want to play with my friend and we can't both use keyboard and mouse. Surely you agree, no?

Well if it's not playable with the gamepad anyways, perhaps we didn't miss out on much.
5 years ago#4
A lot of the newer games (console ports or pc native seems to not matter) use only "xinput" instead of supporting the old "directinput" library. If you are buying a new gamepad might want to check their website to see if it supports xinput.

There is one workaround if you want to use older pads though.
This xinput emulator translates old directinput input into xinput commands:

I use an xbox 360 pad, but also use a saitek rumble pad with the xinput emulator.
It works with Capsized, I tried it before posting this.
The game also quite playable with a gamepad, just ignore the troll.
5 years ago#5
Woow, thank you so much! That's awesome!
I'm guessing this will resolve some issues I had with other games as well.

Makes me wonder why developers wouldn't support any gamepad other than the 360 pad, when it's apparently not that hard to translate the input.
5 years ago#6
qaopjlll posted...
The game is barely playable with a controller anyway, use KB+M ya noob!

Unless you're some kind of stubborn keyboard snob, platformers play better with a controller. "Noobs" insist on using the keyboard and mouse even when it makes no sense.
5 years ago#7
Okay, never mind. This looks like one of the few exceptions (Trine also) because it requires aiming.
5 years ago#8
I came in expecting perhaps they had no gamepad support in the game and as a result had taken out split-screen that console version had me worried for a bit. And yeah most new games are like this so just use a 360 controller emulator.
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