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4 years ago#1
I'm trying to find a guy named Paul Erickson currently but exactly how do i get to him? I have his address and everything but when I try to leave Azriel refuses. I have repaired the lockpick and retrieved the meds which I injected into some persons in the alley

I'm also having some trouble playing as Delta Six. I don't quite know what I'm supposed to do. I have a pipe, 4lbs weight and a meal. When I try to steal the gun I get stopped during the scanning process. I've also picked up two notes.
4 years ago#2
Paul's building is one you can only enter through the back alley by moving a crate, and I don't know if you still have the meds, but they're supposed to be used on Paul so if the meds vanished from your inventory, you might need to load a previous save. Once you get in Paul's building, you can find out which room he's in through a little looking around the lobby.

As to the other, I don't know yet, I imagine you're supposed to get the gun down the grating in the training room to avoid the scan, but haven't played through that much yet.
4 years ago#3
Thanks! I found him and managed to complete the part. Unfortunately I'm still stuck with Delta Six. I'm guessing that I need some sort of tool to get rid of the grating.
4 years ago#4
You do, it's in the maintenance area though you'll have to do some stuff to be able to get it. I will say you have the supplies necessary to get it, however.
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