Adding voice for info section.

#1ThePyreThatBurnsPosted 4/13/2011 11:57:15 PM
I know you already have it on the site but I would like to add my request for an info section. Just something to help with the basic concepts.

For example, locked doors. I don't actually know how to unlock them. I saw something on a loading screen but it went by too fast. I know it isn't killing the final boss or finding the babe because I did that in the first stage already so I presume that there is a key somewhere.

Unless I'm wrong and it's a "beat the game once"

Anyway, that would be helpful. Thank you for your continuing work on a great game.
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#2DragonDividePosted 4/17/2011 1:27:59 AM
Hi Pyre, thank you for your support!

Like you said, an info section is on the "want list". The reason why this was not included in the original game is due to the lack of time before Microsoft switched over the code framework which would have rendered the game code useless until we could change the graphics engine.

I underestimated its importance in order to work on other features of the game such as the multiplayer framework. The loading screen was meant as a stop-gap measure and in the test version of the game, the loading time was significantly longer than it was on the actual Xbox marketplace.

We're currently working on a game upgrade that we are submitting to a contest and once that is completed I will release it as a patch for everyone, hopefully with additional content, to keep the game fresh.