who is hoping just a little less linearity

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User Info: deimos91

6 years ago#1
i loved the game but thats is the only major problem i didnt even mind the main side quest being hunts but that to me was the only drag down besides there being no leveling
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User Info: gangsterlax

6 years ago#2

It wouldnt have been so bad if they let us break away from main quest. A linear story objective, with an open world is the way to go imo...

User Info: TallWhiteNinja

6 years ago#3
I'd have settled for a dungeon or two with some branches, myself.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

6 years ago#4
I could cope with the linearity of the exploration; sometimes it's nice to play a game where you don't feel like you're missing something to find that you might not be able to go back for - but I can't stomach any more of the linear 'do-it-this-way or don't bother trying' battles.

User Info: PrinceBlackMage

6 years ago#5
I hated the linearity.It has to be like FF xii(no linearity)nothing else of it.You can go to some place imediatly,go back and forth,towns ect. thats all i want from FF xii nothing else
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User Info: Urfrid

6 years ago#6
Me FFXIII was to linear.
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User Info: Diesel95

6 years ago#7
yea that BS we let slide in Infinte undiscovery but we wont let slide for FF

make it towns open liek FF X and IX were have side questsd... lil games use the tools of the past (FF 3 chrono tigger phantasy star..etc) then biuild on that!!

i dont mind some linarcy but this had way too much

the Battle syetem was total Crap i coudl beat the whole game jsut button mashing one button it was pathetic.
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User Info: LuckNotDoWithEr

6 years ago#8
It was fine in Star Ocean 4. I say go that direction, make it bigger with that same good ol' Gran Pulse feel this time.

User Info: syrusfan

6 years ago#9

I'm more of a linear player I'll admit. Though I'll accept side quests and such if they are optional

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  3. who is hoping just a little less linearity

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