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6 years ago#1
anyone notice Hope and Vanille are not in this trailer?
I just looked at my watch... looks like Big Daddy Cool time!!
6 years ago#2
Hope is actually in the background of the first part. Personally, I'm more perturbed that Fang isn't in it.
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6 years ago#3
Personally, I'm more perturbed that Fang isn't in it.
Funky Strong
6 years ago#4
Without going too deep into spoilers...doesn't their absence make sense?
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6 years ago#5

^ LOL Thats what I was thinking. Being a video game tho, they can think up some "special event" that allows them to be in it.

6 years ago#6
Why the heck would Vanille be in it?


Those who finished everything know that both of them, are forced to join the Crystal Tower. From that day forward they hold up the tower.

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