Square US releases English trailer

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5 years ago#1

What I hope this means is that they've already got Ali Hillis on board to voice Lightning again, and that the English localization is already making progress. Though I suppose she could have did these lines while recording for the first game.
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5 years ago#2

I still wonder if the guy from the numerous videos is either Rosch, or Cid. It could be either one though its very tough to contemplate a way Rosch could have survived so easily....unless when the beast killed him...he fell into Orphan's Cradle..? The pictures make too subtle to be mere implication.
5 years ago#3

considering that it looks nothing like either unless they decided to dye their hair and managed to escape cocoon before it was crystalized theres no possible way its either of them who are already dead anyway.

5 years ago#4
Actually it looks exactly like Rosch because Rosch has purple hair. Have you watched the FMV's lately?

It also looks frighteningly like Cid, if Cid somehow lost the dark parts in his hair. Drives me nuts now.
I have no idea who it is, but it looks eerily like either one of them could pass as him.
5 years ago#5
So wait.... the game is going to be taking place in that alternate universe Lightning steps into after Episode 1? Not only that, but she's guarding Pulse/Cocoon from with in it? What...?
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5 years ago#6

Rosch looks more like he has aqua blue-ish hair, not purple.

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