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5 years ago#11
no matter what is done the other half will complain. i dont care how it is, as long as the story, music and characters are great, and they remove the linearity.(towns, side-quests, return visits, etc.) open world like 7, 8, and 9. cmon SE. you can do it. i have faith. even though the big kahuna is gone, there HAS to be somebody that worked with him for years that can carry on the great FF tradition...right?
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5 years ago#12
well to me a fun final fantasy game again. since ff10 the games have been so boring and lacking of gameplay and fun factor. plus the fact they arent that challenging anymore and im not talking about giving a boss 10 million hp and cheap attacks either. i use to have to think about beating enemies from ff - ff7 and ff9. ff8 was the only disappointment that was made by squaresoft.

the square-enix is mainly responible for crippling the franchise of its fun and enjoyment as well as wonderful music scores with lame flashy graphics to make the game look pretty. i'd take nes,snes,psx graphics anyday at least they added more elements to make the games as great as they were. so all i want is for the games to be fun again and not just milking flashy graphics and cinemas.
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5 years ago#13
ive been saying that for a while now. it does NOT have to look pretty. rpgs are played for the story and characters, then music, then gameplay, and, if theres any room left on the disc, graphics. by all means, make it pretty, but only after the stuff that makes an rpg an rpg is all there.
No man cometh unto the FATHER, but through me.
-The LORD JESUS CHRIST. John 14 verse 6.

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