I absolutely hate multiple endings.

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5 years ago#1
Does anyone else feel this way? I think it completely take away from the game and my attentiveness to the story.

I get this sense of anxiety about knowing that I wont be getting the cannon ending. Which one is the cannon ending? I don't want to play through the whole game five times on the hardest difficultly just to see the true secret ending! They could have done away with all the branching story paths and made one longer and more in depth story.

As someone who dislikes multiple endings, I can't see why this adds anything to a game.
I would like to hear other peoples opinions on it.
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5 years ago#2
I'm sorry no else feels this way.
5 years ago#3

i despise multiple endings. just tell me the best story you can tell. i don't see the point of giving me 3 or 4 other endings that aren't as good.

5 years ago#4

yes i hate them, i dont think theres anyone out there that likes them, their just tedious and if there isnt a cannon ending or true ending then the story itself feels incomplete

5 years ago#5
Wow, people complain about multiple endings? Just when i thought i had seen it all.

Multiple endings are a highly effective form of replayability and interactivity with the game, its a good thing to have.
5 years ago#6
i dont mind multiple endings in a mass effect kind of way. if alot of the story is different. i can do without though, if its the exact same playthrough, thats kind of lame.
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5 years ago#7
Games with multiple endings often give very obvious hints at which one is canon. Hence "best ending".
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5 years ago#8
Yeah, if there's basically a cannon ending, I don't know why they have other endings in the first place, but, as said, if it's like Mass Effect's where the ending sets the stage for future games, then I like that.
5 years ago#9
Wow, everyone here must hate Chrono Trigger...>_>
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5 years ago#10

I love multiple ending when they make sense (Mass Effect)

I dont like multiple endings that are completely retarded (Force Unleashed)

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