Omega - TOO EASY

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User Info: Trigx

4 years ago#1
Topic XD
least having omega in group still badass no?
Kill...KILL....KILL!!! zombies?

User Info: TBD2009

4 years ago#2
Yeah... as long as you can get Enthunder cast on you by your Synergist, use a Tortoise Paradigm when he hits with Wave Canon, and use incidental offensive/defensive buffs on your team, then you can completely wreck Omega with just one "Overheat" round with a solid Com/Com/Com-X Paradigm. You don't even need a Rav/Rav/Rav Paradigm, unless you find that your Commandos couldn't take him down before he started dancing around the ring like a moron.

But he is pretty awesome looking... just not as good as Chichu in my opinion.

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