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4 years ago#1
So I've been trying for the past two hours to beat Snow with no luck. My stats currently are:

Serah: Str 512/Mag 882, HP 7129
Weapon: Chrysalis Arc
Accessories: Shaman's Mark, Magician's Mark, Grimoire Hat

Noel: Str 1168/Mag 703, HP 9060
Weapon: Odinbolt (w/ max Fragments)
Accessories: Brawler Wristband, Power Wristband, Grimoire Hat

Green Chocobo Lvl 65
Bunkerbeast lvl 42 (w/ Mediguard)
Lighting level 13 (plus infused with a bunch of others)

My two heroes are leveled as high as they can get. I start off with Rav/Rav/Sen, switching to Med/Rav/Sen when health gets low, but even on Easy and when I switch to Sen/Sen/Sen Snow's Sovereign Fist still kills my two mains (though my mon survives). Does anyone have any ideas as to how to survive that attack? Any help would be much appreciated!
4 years ago#2
b4 trying [Snows] it would be good to max all roles and have all monsters/allies at there highest level.


maximum level
4 years ago#3
Noel and Serah are, indeed, maxed out in all roles. Lightning is also maxed, though I've fed her a few mons to boost her abilities and stats. I'm thinking of going in search of a new monster medic and sentinel though, but Lighting's my most powerful mon ravager. Please note that I don't have any other coliseum DLC, though I do have Sazh.
4 years ago#4
You can't let snow use Sovereign Fist at all. To prevent this, either let the person he is attacking die to reset his energy, or Provoke with a different SEN. He will use "Time to Chill" or something and his energy % will reset. Letting it get to MAX is instant loss.
4 years ago#5
jus try to stagger em keep buffs all the time and you need a good sentinel i just beat kept atb refresh spamming triple ravagers he takes forever to stagger when gets staggered hit em with straight commandos to get em in the air and the hit with a meteor javelin or ultima arrow wash rinse repeat and you need a saboteur so you can debuff him and deprotect cause pretty much your doing nothing if hes buffed and he will eventually murder you i beat em the first time just treat it like any other boss battle
GamerTag: Northsid3Shoota
4 years ago#6
I didn't use a Sen monster at all for this fight. I just made sure to have a paradigm where Serah was a Sen, and one where Noel was a Sen. Every time Snow did his 200% move, I would swap to one of them and let them taunt. Once he does 'time to chill', I would start buffing and increasing his chain gauge. WHen he buffs himself with 5 buffs, I would despell all 5 and then debuff him with 3 different buffs(forget which ones worked)...and when he did 200% again, I'd swap to whichever sentinel didn't taunt last time and rinse and repeat. Once about to staggr, I wait for him to buff himself, then I debuff him with the 3, and then I stagger and burn. Following this strategy, it took me less than 5 minutes to beat him. Beat him twice, 5* both times. Got his crystal 2nd attempt.

My Paradigms: (Chichu, Sazh, Lightning)


Claire needs to ditch Odin and ride Chichu around as her personal pony
GT: PsykkoMike
4 years ago#7
Also, as to 'how to survive Soveriegn Fist''s impossible. It will 1 shot you even with Sen/Sen/Sen and guarding. You MUST keep him from using it once
Claire needs to ditch Odin and ride Chichu around as her personal pony
GT: PsykkoMike
(message deleted)
4 years ago#9
damn that sucks i got his crystal the first time different from nabaat though i fought her for 2 days beat her like 20 times to get hers
GamerTag: Northsid3Shoota
4 years ago#10
obtaining both Snow and Valdfor are both going 2b a pain since you can only get him once everything is done in the entire game.

i think getting these guys as allies is much easier then what the new dlc that we just got:

Lightning [Rav]
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