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What boss was the most difficult when you first started playing? (Spoilers)

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4 years ago#1
There will be some mentions of different eras and time lines so if that's a problem you might not want to read further.

I decided to make a fun sort of topic. I just recently began playing this game and haven't finished the game so I will make a list of the bosses that I have fought and you can state which one was the most difficult for you.

For me the first boss that really made me manage my paradigm(spell?) strategies was Caius 1st encounter before then It seemed easy to say the least. I have only been to the part just before you go to 700 A.F. (Noel's Dream). Well anyways here's a list of some of the bosses. It probably won't be the official names of the bosses.

Time Distortion Boss Alpha
Time Distortion Boss Beta
Time Distortion Boss 10 A.F.(Eclipse Era)
Caius Ballad(Oerba 200A.F.)
Flan Boss (Sunleyth 200A.F.)
Dragon/Bird Boss(Steppes ???A.F.)
Cieth Boss(Academia 300A.F.)
Proto Falcie Adam(Tower 200A.F.) - I am not sure about the date it might be 400A.F.
Caius Ballad(Void ???A.F.) This is the one where Noel isn't present.

Well that's about as far as I have reached so far. Feel free to post your reply. If you could select only from the list as to avoid spoilers for me, it would be appreciated.
4 years ago#2
Proto fal'Cie Adam is in AF 200.
However, you haven't listed Zenobia from Academia AF 400, it seems... and if you're at your part of the story, you must've already fought him ... her .... it.

Anyway, on my first playthrough, I found Caius in Oerba AF 200 tough.
And Zenobia in AF 400, those were my two worst fights. But back then I didn't know the Crystarium's new mechanics that well, didn't level up much and didn't care too much about what monsters I had with me.

Caius was especially hard cause I kept having Cait Sith out, to heal me. Now that I know the wonders and advantages of SEN monsters, he's a piece of cake. Also, I got faster at changing between Paradigms...

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4 years ago#3
I don't remember Zenobia. Was that the boss with all the tentacles? Caius was tough for me because of the mind and body move he used which not only healed him but gave him the various buffs which at that stage was very tough. I used a sabatour/sentinel/heals or damage just to alleviate some of the damage and to dispel his buffs during that stage then continued to switch between various other paradigms. It was tough when I had to suddenly use more strategy from the previous bosses but it added some challenge to the game and taught me how to use the paradigms more effectively.
4 years ago#4
Yeah, Zenobia has all the tentacles.

XIII-2 is actually easier than XIII, but whenever you fight Caius, best idea is to use Wound, so that when he heals himself, it's not full HP...

Cloud and Sephiroth - battling each other since '97 for your amusement
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4 years ago#5
I think I thought to do that during one bout (I lost a few times to him before I found a strategy that worked) but the wound type attacks weren't doing enough damage. It might of been because Saboteur wasn't leveled very much at the time. Well, I advanced the story some more and I can add some more bosses.

Time Distortion Boss Gamma(spell?)
4 years ago#6
Worthless backstory not really pertaining to topic.
I borrowed this game before... And then I gave it back for a few months and just got it back, but my file is gone. Can't get into it right now because of other games I want to play. Mad because I was really close to 160 Fragments and had like four Paradox endings... Ah well.

I really think the only boss that really gave me trouble, was the final battle. Zero starred that because I really effed up my crystarium.

Also Atlas. Could NOT do Atlas for "A Giant Mistake".

Oh also TC, only skimmed but if you are up to/had trouble with the Caius 1v1, you're gonna love trying to get the Fragment for the Paradox ending for that fight... I assume you meant the one with Serah and a monster though.
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4 years ago#7
Well, I finished the game a couple of days ago, so I can add the rest of the bosses to the list.

Caius- 700 AF
Caius(Bahamut and Human Form)- Academia 500AF
Caius- End of time

The Caius in Academia 500 AF gave me some trouble. I had to adjust the paradigm and I think I had to buy some items to give myself a better chance.

I currently have 120 fragment pieces and that's basically what I am working on right now(off topic).
4 years ago#8
Now that you finished the game, I can say which boss really was the most difficult for me on my first ever playthrough.
Jet Bahamut and the other two, the very final boss.

I didn't have the Crystarium that well though out.
And I ran out of Phoenix Downs and Blood Potions during that battle, so I had very little HP wounded down to Max and constantly had to revive someone.
Thank God I had a Phoenix Blood and an Elixir, that saved me back then.

But now that I know the Crystarium better, Jet is a push-over.

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4 years ago#9
For the Caius in Academia 500 AF, I think that maybe Jet Bahamut with a continuation fight afterwards which is Caius in human form. If that's the fight you are referring to, I also struggled with that fight which is the fight I was referring to in my previous post. I was lacking in items and my healing monster didn't have a lot of hit points so I had to make one of the main characters a healer which gave me an easier time with that battle.

I haven't fought any of the battles for the paradox endings yet, so if anyone decides to post their toughest encounter excluding these battles would be much appreciated. I know there are some random encounters although not bosses are just as difficult. If you want you can post these battles if you want.
4 years ago#10
No, the boss I was referring to was the absolute Final Boss.
Once you fight Chaos Bahamut on top of the airship and then Human Caius, you go to Valhalla, remember? There's another Human Caius battle there and then there's the Jet Bahamut, Amber and Garnet Bahamut battle afterwards.
That's the final boss and the one I meant.

Paradox bosses never seemed that tough to me, once you figure out how to work them.

Cloud and Sephiroth - battling each other since '97 for your amusement
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  3. What boss was the most difficult when you first started playing? (Spoilers)

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