Do you expect there to be another sale on dlc?

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User Info: ShadowTwilight

4 years ago#1
Just got this game, haven't even started, but I'm already thinking about buying some dlc. I'll get RotG later on, but I think I want Gilgamesh, as well as Sazh's and Snow's episode and maybe some costumes. I saw there was a sale back around September, and I'm not sure if add-on sales ever get duplicated. Do you think there''s a chance that we get another sale at some point?
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User Info: Kooler2006

4 years ago#2
I wouldn't count on it.

As for costumes, I think Assassin's Creed for Noel, and Style & Steel or White Mage for serah are the best ones

Gilgamesh and Snow dlc's are pretty endgame as far as difficulty just in case you didn't know

User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#3
Definitely get the Style & Steel outfit for Sera - it looks good and it's free, the latter making it all the better. Sazh's Episode is pretty good, an easy way to get tons of Casino Coins - but that won't help you get the Lucky Coin Fragment very much. That still needs to be unlocked the "legitimate" way. Snow's DLC is actually... I dunno, maybe it's because I don't like Snow, but it's not very important, nor is his SEN Crystal that great. But I suppose it's fun to play against Val there...

On a side-note, don't bother to get any of the weapons. Or the Mog Costumes, they're not that great.
Although you could get the Battle Pack and get 2 costumes and an Arena Battle in one.

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User Info: Boricua_Kidd21

4 years ago#4
It's kind of a toss up on wether there will be another sale or not.
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  3. Do you expect there to be another sale on dlc?

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