Sorry, I'm not buying this Etro crap <SPOILERS>

#1masked_yazooPosted 1/27/2013 3:04:31 AM
So Caius and always dying loli girl are both saying Etro magically intervene in the last hour of the FF XIII... Oh shut up, the miracle was brought by their own hands, they been defying Fate, facing countless discrimination and living in the edge for so long that they have been almost swallowed by despair that they are fated with. They save Cocoon and Serah with there OWN hands and NOT some assistance of some goddess who just sitting in her throne all day and chilling out, watching events unfold like some drunkard watching some football game.
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Somehow the "Everyone but Fang and Vanille turn into Cieth but are then reverted back to humans" has to be explained.
And if you think about it, the group didn't really defy "fate". Their job was to kill Orphanus. They did. The End.
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Pretty much what the above poster said - XIII focused on the party trying to defy their fate. You always think they manage it, but then you find out it doesn't work. No matter how hard they try to run away from it, they have the ticking time bombs (l'Cie Brands) and you always return to the place the villain want you. So they end up killing Orphan/becoming Ragnarök and, heck, even that "miracle" of having a Crystal Pillar appear to support Cocoon in the sky was pre-destined.

Seriously, replay XIII and watch their "vision" of their focus - looks identical to what happens in the ending, right?

Plus, we learned from Fang that l'Cie that fulfill their focus end up with a white and scorched brand. But our party - and I suppose Dajh as well as Sera - are absolutely lacking in any l'Cie brand on their body in the ending. Where did it go?
Who knows, maybe Etro really interfered and removed them.
Or maybe they disintegrated and went to Pot Land, what do we care?

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Its been a years since I finished FF XIII, so I can't remember some of the details but I'll try to look at it. Regarding everybody turning to Ceith, I guess that was Papa Troll Pope's illusion trick to force Fang to initiate Ragnarok. (I was WTF at that time)
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Ya, right after the scene Light appears and says it was more Fal'Cie smoke and mirrors.

Anyway, actually everyone would have been crystallized.
Was far too convenient that everyone except Vaniell& Fang instantly broke out of their crystals again (I had credited it to FFXIII's bad writing so far) but now we see that it actually makes sense and only worked out so well cause Etro intervened.

And the whole trouble in FFXIII-2 is cause Etro had to mess up all of time to help the party.
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I'm with the OP. Etro didn't save them in XIII. It was Fang and Vanille's miracle that somehow saved them (hence Vanille's voice awakening them). Etro was never mentioned in XIII. Unless of course, SHE was the maker in which case the Fal'Cie won anyway.

You can look at it in multiple ways. They all did what the Fal'Cie wanted them to do anyway which means they weren't following their own path after all. Or they were never meant to save cocoon from falling and that's what defied fate and stopped the inevitable. XIII alone kept it simple, XIII-2 adds a whole new layer of complexity that cheapens the experience of XIII and makes them BOTH feel pointless.
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I'm with the OP. Etro didn't save them in XIII. It was Fang and Vanille's miracle that somehow saved them (hence Vanille's voice awakening them). Etro was never mentioned in XIII.
A) FFXIII's ending made no sense whatsoever
B) this game it what brings some sense into the FFXIII ending in the first place
C) adding a new explanation for something entirely devoid of it, what's so wrong about that?

Endymion explaining stuff for Hyperion was not a bad thing either, in fact it was highly appreciated cause as detailed as Hyperion was, it lacked some explanations.
The only problem was Rise of Endymion suddenly finding perceived "loopholes" in Hyperion to retcon major events but actually contradicting Hyperion on the process and Simmons acting as if he cleverly outwitted himself was pathetic.

Vanille and Fang are trapped in the pillar, why would they be able to free others from their crystals anyway?
It was FAR too convenient in FFXIII that everyone suddenly awoke from the crystal together mere seconds after the party had become crystals.

This game sheds some light and makes the writing not seem so bad anymore.
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Sorry, I'm not buying this Etra crap

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