How are you supposed to beat Narasimha and wtf is wrong with buffs?

#1MegidolaonPosted 1/27/2013 3:50:27 PM
For some reason every buff ever lasts approximately 30 seconds and then is just gone.

Also, is there anything you can do to beat Narasimha in Yaschas 01X besides grind like mad?
I can oneshot all of my party at full health cause Protect wears off instantly.
#2ExternicaPosted 1/27/2013 4:28:58 PM
Narasimah, is this that Cieth-sidequest about that female warrior?
Ignore her and come back later. She is very tough and was still a hard fight when I came back mid chapter 4.

This Cieth Lady can remove your buffs with one of her attacks and creates debuffs like there's no tomorrow. She will also damage you with that attack. Oh, and it's a party hit, if I'm not wrong.
Come back with an endgame party and things will be easier. Obviously.

Also, buffs that hit the entire group don't last as long as seperate buffs.
#3Megidolaon(Topic Creator)Posted 1/28/2013 12:12:20 PM
wow, fail.
Ai never chooses single target buffs if multi target is available.
But the main fail is to make buffs last so little time that there is no point in using them whatsoever.
Now I get why there is no point in using syn/sab monsters.

That aside, Narasimha is a behemoth enemy in the Yaschas Massif 01X.
#4Kooler2006Posted 1/28/2013 1:51:51 PM(edited)

in my experience, if a behemoth fight takes too much more than 30 seconds you probably are going to have a tough time with one. Also if the AI is only single target buffing, they likely don't have the group buffs learned yet
#5Megidolaon(Topic Creator)Posted 1/29/2013 7:32:09 AM
in my experience, if a behemoth fight takes too much more than 30 seconds you probably are going to have a tough time with one.
Nah, in FFXIII it was the entire first half of the fight just building up the stagger bar.
Then the Behemoth stands up and heals, but now you can stagger soon enough and once you do, it's easy.
Might take a while though.

And the problem is the ai NOT using single target buffs.
No wait, actually it's not.
Externica said single target buffs last longer but Noel certainly did not start with Protectga and I have no memory of any buff ever in this game lasting more than 30 seconds.
This reminds me of a Hucast using S-Red's Blades with lvl 3 Shifta & Deband as a tiny boost and last resort for 30 seconds at a time as opposed to the minimum regular version that lasts 5 full minutes.
Neat and all, but in the end you deal more damage not wasting time on it and survive better just using the time to heal normally.
#6tiornysPosted 1/29/2013 7:43:53 AM
Buffs and debuffs have their uses, but they aren't as helpful as they could be since the typical FFXIII-2 party is quite overpowered. If you take on something that's above your development, they become much more valuable.

All single-target buffs will last longer than 30 seconds. Protect, Shell and similar will last much longer; their base duration is 180 seconds. If you'd like an in-depth look at buff duration mechanics, including a list of base durations for all SYN spells, check this topic:

The best way to use single-target buffs instead of party buffs is to take control and cast them manually.

#7Megidolaon(Topic Creator)Posted 2/2/2013 4:38:30 AM
And wow. 30 seconds for protectga compared to 180 for protect.
This is total BS.
They changed buffing mechanics to force you to micromanage buffing (in the ~30 seconds you got before you start wasting time you could spend on staggering) and didn't bring the ai up to speed so it' impossible to use buffs without doing it yourself.
And the idea of the party chain gauge raising buff effects is nice and all but considering the time it costs to raise the gauge, it's contra productive.
Seems all extremely situational to me instead of the usual function of straight forward buffing.

Pissing me off. That was seriously uncalled for and came out of nowhere for no reason.
Just after FFXIII was FINALLLY a FF were buffing and debuffing were im,portant outside of optional bosses XIII-2 destroys this but BS buffing mechanics.