DLC of the Coliseum (Spoilers)

#1fireemblemomegaPosted 1/28/2013 7:35:38 AM
So I finally got the Opponents in the Coliseum unlocked last night. I can beat Omega and Lightning/Amodar, but the rest destroyed me. Being a max leveled party, you might see where my frustration is at.

I'm seeking advice/assistance on how to beat:

Nabaat: I nearly killed her off, but she healed for about 500K at the last second. I quit the fight feeling that it was going to simply go until I screwed up a single paradigm shift.

Gilgamesh: I'm fairly certain I didn't do any damage to him at all.

PuPu: That UFO... and the fact that taking out the little buggers isn't helping too much.

I'll admit, I didn't try fighting Ultros and Typhon, but advice on them doesn't hurt neither.

My stats/Paradigm deck

Arcus Chronicum/Odinbolt, Magistral Crest, Grimoire Hat

Odinblade, Durable Collector's Catalog (forgot to take it off while farming for parts for In Paradisum)

Blue Chocobo (Max), Silver Chocobo (Max) Chichu (Max)

I also have Yakshini and Dendrobium maxed out.
There is no greater challenge than beating the limits you set on yourself.
#2ExternicaPosted 1/28/2013 11:09:15 AM
Nabaat's reinforcements are the key to victory.
As you know, Nabaat can summon three types of enemies:
- Soldiers
- Wolfs
- Behemoths

Now it has been a while, but Jihl can sacrifice her reinforcement to gain buffs. The soldiers heal her, so you need to kill them FIRST.
The Behemoths... well, I believe they enhance the damage output of her feral link or cause immobile to your party. And the wolfs grant her various buffs. I'm not sure on the later ones, as it has been a while.

Your goal is to kill the soldiers first. If they can't be sacrificed, they can't restore her health.
And her health drops, if she wants to kill Behemoths but none are available.
So, kill the soldiers first, than whack away on the Behemoths or ignore it and beat Jihl up. Since you sound like completly developed, you have a chanmce to kill Behemoths in time.
Oh, Jihl is immune against wound. So don't try that.

Never tried Gilgamesh, Ultros and PuPu. Though I have enough points for Pupu. Hm...
#3fireemblemomega(Topic Creator)Posted 1/28/2013 12:44:55 PM
Didn't know that. So basically if I kill off the soldiers and the behemoths and ignore her I can win the fight. Sounds good to me! Thanks!
There is no greater challenge than beating the limits you set on yourself.
#4ExternicaPosted 1/28/2013 1:17:02 PM
fireemblemomega posted...
Didn't know that. So basically if I kill off the soldiers and the behemoths and ignore her I can win the fight. Sounds good to me! Thanks!

With the Behemoth strategy you can only get her down to five or ten percent. Just tried the fight myself again. Sorry about that.
If you know what you have to do, Jihl isn't hard.
#5achilleszeroPosted 1/28/2013 5:10:02 PM
First off, you need to completely change your equipment. The Collectors Catalogue is fine if your looking for drops. Just about anything is better than Magistral Crest in these battles. Any of the other "Ultimate" weapons are better than what you're using (In order of usefulness: chain bonus > +1 ATB > +50% ATB rate) . At least one of your characters should always have one of the Chain Bonus weapons. The other should use any of the other "ultimates", depending on your needs. Also recruit a Cloudburst, a Goblin Chieftan, Purple Chocobo, and maybe Lightning. Here are some farming videos borrowed from Elcryn's channel.





Now some of these vids maybe a little too aggressive for you but they should give you a general idea of what to do. You should try to follow the Gilgamesh and Typhon strategies to the letter until you get a feel for them.
#6ExternicaPosted 1/29/2013 3:43:07 AM
Okay, I broke down and tried Pupu. Man, these guys were tough. Here some sugestions.

You can ignore the aliens, if you kill one, the Ufo will just spawn another one. Your main target is the UFO. Once it is staggered, the Pupus start to loose their heads. It's hilarious and cute. And while the UFO is down, you won't be attacked. Use this to your advantage.
Also, while the Ufo works, it heals all Pupus on the field but can't heal itself.

I havn't tried it, but maybe killing the Pupus first and the focusing on the Ufo while it is down might be a good idea. Also, take your time to cast some buffs and heal up.

For taking the Ufo down as fast as possible, first use Com/Rav/Rav, then use Rav/Rav/Rav to stagger it ASAP. It doesn't take much.
Also, Sentinels are useless in this fights. Both Pupu and the UFO are immune to any kind of provoke. So being offensive would be the best thing to do.

Once the UFO is destroyed, all living Pupus become angry and cast fun spells like Meteo and Flare. Defensive buffs are very welcome in this fight.
I suggest a good Synergist Monster (hate using them, but Noel's defensive buffs are enough), Ravager Monster and maybe a good healer, like Flanitor.

Killed party members should be revived with a Phoenix Down.
#7fireemblemomega(Topic Creator)Posted 1/31/2013 8:11:05 AM
I'll look at those videos later. Snow kicked my ass as well. His Sovereign Fist hit everyone no matter how far apart they were.

It almost sounds like it's worth popping the PuPu while the ship is down for some decent damage then destroy the ship.
There is no greater challenge than beating the limits you set on yourself.