The Coliseum battles DLC take WAY too long....

#1godslayer88Posted 1/30/2013 1:13:54 PM
Noel's STR at 1040, Serah's MAG at 1002, Golden chocobo STR 900.

Tried a couple of them, beat Omega, then I tried Typhon and Snow. But even myself completely buffed, them DEbuffed AND stagger, I whack like crazy and at the end of the stagger (which already takes quite a while to achieve) there's like, 8% HP off or something.

I did that once on Snow and after I saw that I just ragequitted. I seriously lack the patience for crap like this --_--'
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#2destrian522Posted 1/30/2013 4:14:23 PM
Try using a better Commando. Golden Chocobo isn't very good. Chichu and Armor Lightning are typically used.

Still, 8% seems really low (though I guess it depends on the fight). It sounds like there is something else going on, too. Care to be more specific?
#3godslayer88(Topic Creator)Posted 1/30/2013 6:38:31 PM
The stats I submitted were from last night after the Snow fight. I had Imperil on him constantly, just before I finally got him to stagger I switched to SAB/SYN/SEN, sticked him with Deprotect and Deshell and myself with Bravery/Faith. When staggered I first switched to COM/RAV/COM , attacking like crazy, and when his stagger got high enough I switched to Cerberus. A single attack from Noel did about 30K damage, Serah with her Ruin around 12K and Golden Chocobo around 20K.

So I just kept attacking, Snow stayed in the air thanks to Launch, and when his stagger was over there was just that 8% off. I checked with R1 and he had like 99.999.9999HP in total or something. No wonder. But it took me a pretty long time to get him staggered with 2 RAVs (because the third was a SEN) even with Imperil. Then I basically had to go through that whole ritual again and I was like "oh hell no, screw this" and I quit.

For weapons, I'm walking around with the ehm...I forgot the names...those weapons you need to make yourself with drops from Ochu and Immortal and 4 adamantites in total. I had Silver Chocobo for SEN, and buddy Sazh for SYN, both at max. With Serah as leader my paradigms looked like this:
COM/RAV/SEN To slow the stagger gauge decrease
RAV/RAV/SEN To stagger
SEN/RAV/COM To prevent Sovereign Fist
SAB/SEN/SYN For the buffs and debufffs
SAB/RAV/SEN To stick Imperil while attacking and building stagger
MED/MED/SEN To heal if necessairy
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#4destrian522Posted 1/31/2013 2:25:03 PM
What about an Enspell?

Those paradigms are for Snow? It's hard to win when you aren't dealing damage. Your best chaining paradigm has a Sen in it and there are only two Coms there total (and they aren't in the same paradigm).

I've never fought this guy, but I don't think you want a Sen monster here. If you do go with one, use the Cloudburst/Goblin Chieftain combo. You won't want Chichu for Snow. Armor Light would be helpful if you had her.
#5ArthellinusPosted 1/31/2013 11:39:55 PM(edited)
And you want Cactuar if you don't have Lightning. Cactuar can eat chunks out of Snow's HP even before you stagger if you have Deprotect active.