Questions about how many fragments you need for ending.. Please Help..

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- the instant atlas is defeated I get the loading screen back to historia crux

When you complete the atlas fight for the paradox ending, it sends you back to the historia crux, but it also opens up another linked location from there while its still locked to bresha. You then move to that location on the crux and it plays a video. View it then you have that one
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Watch from about 10:25 in the video and it shows
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Serah is dead. You can't bring back the dead.
Dude, this game is all about jumping around in time and changing future and history.
Obviously Serah won't be dead for very long.
The least she'll be alive again at the end of the next game.
I hear it takes place a few hundred years after this or something or whatever but when you got time jumps it doesn't even matter.

Dude, they crashed time at the end of XIII-2. How the f*** are they supposed to fix that?!
Well, I have my theory that Lightning will become the next goddess of time, but we'll see with Lightning Returns. With no "time" in the world anymore, how would they be able to go through timelines and all? Plus, they only were able to go through time in XIII-2 because there were paradoxes in the timeline - and all of them disappeared at the end of XIII-2 as well. All the gates closed and disappeared.

Cloud and Sephiroth - battling each other since '97 for your amusement
Give it a rest already!
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Fantasy, FF, etc.
There is always a possibility of...stuff.
Did you imagine something about a goddess freeing everyone from their crystals in FFXIII?

There's always stuff that can happen. Someone may complete a real time machine.
Unlikely, but not impossible.

Oh and HALP!
Any idea why I didn't get the paradox ending?