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3 years ago#1
I just got the game after getting all the Final Fantasy XIII achievements.

How long, on average, would it take to get all the achievements?
Are there any misable ones?

GT: TwoBits54
3 years ago#2
It won't take nearly as long. I can't give you an average, but I think mine was around 70 hours (and I took my time). There are no missable achievements.
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3 years ago#3
There are a few achievements that will drive you mad - the Achievement for obtaining all the Fragments can be annoying. But with a little luck on the Lucky Coin Fragment and a guide telling you where to find all monsters, it gets a little less tedious.

Overall, I think the fastest I ever got all the Fragments was 66 Hours of gametime - and majority of the Achievements you'll get by simply following the story. I think my current file where I got all the Achievements had about 70-75ish hours on it.

But that was because I originally did a No Monster Run and didn't unlock the Feral Link Achievement until last. Very, very annoying, cause it's actually one fo the easier ones to get.

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3 years ago#4
Alright cool, sounds like I'll have a good time playing it then.
One last question, are there any achievements that I should go for throughout the game to save me time? Or are most of them post game or closer towards the end until you can start them like XIII was?
GT: TwoBits54
3 years ago#5
Well, just like XIII, you will get certain Achievements automatically as you progress through the story - going to certain locations, unlocking a new part of the story, etc, etc. Majority of them are the kind that you can do practically any time of the storyline.

There are certain Achievements that cannot be done until you are post-game, as you require a skill/item you obtain after finishing the story. It's called the Paradox Scope and having that active during certain points will result in different boss battles. One of those "Paradox Boss Battles" you can actually do early on - a fight against Atlas, when he is not weakened. However, in the beginning that battle is extremely difficult to do, although you can do it Chapter 3 onwards, if you have decent equipment, abilities and Crystarium Progression.

Speaking of the Crystarium, I must tell you to look up the Crystarium Guide on this page. The Crystarium mechanics were changed from XIII - so if you don't know what you're doing, you could end up with a terrible Crystarium build and have trouble playing the latter parts of the game.

That guide also gives you a build on how to get the best Magic for Sera and Strength for Noel. You can follow it, but if you don't want to, you don't have to. Just follow the general tips of it and you could end with a decent build.

Cloud and Sephiroth - battling each other since '97 for your amusement
Give it a rest already!
3 years ago#6
there are achievements for pre-emptive strikes, boss qte's, fighting so many battles without using retry(this one can be lengthy, but in the right spot can be quite awesome for farming materials)

most achievements aren't difficult, some just require a bit more time and perhaps a few hours of a rubber band on your controller while you sleep or watch a movie lolz

and as mentioned, nothing is 'missable'

and i forget if mentioned, but crystarium works a good bit differently than in previous game, so I suggest you check out a guide if you are like me and want highly optimum build for first playthrough :D

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