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Is there a retail version of this which includes all dlc? (Archived)zombie_blaster23/5 2:23AM
Clock Puzzles T_T (Archived)Don_Gonzales41/27 10:28PM
Serahs med role questions. (Archived)demigod198731/15 10:48AM
Have you noticed sometimes switching paradigm fills atb? (Archived)BattleAxeRX511/16 2:31PM
armor breaker on v lightning (Archived)Charizardfan333211/15 10:26PM
Won't go past the Recap screen (Archived)Elysean111/8 7:03PM
adamite ring quest (Archived)Charizardfan333210/30 5:23AM
Most Annoying Monster To Spawn (Spoilers) (Archived)CatMuto210/25 4:20PM
10 bucks now. Should I get it? I played the demo, but... (Archived)Mr Penguin 00798/27 11:02AM
Void beyond error/glitch help (Archived)brownmccoy27/31 8:46PM
Flanitor (Archived)spankythesloth47/18 4:30PM
Am I doing something wrong? (Archived)Kalsolette27/7 7:23AM
Purchased DLC Bundle through XBL, Not Showing Purchased in DLC Menu (Archived)deth_by_snusnu17/2 9:25PM
1st rpg I played where I was more-or-less obliged to use guide (Archived)icecutter1726/20 2:04AM
What is the best build or way to level all the DLC characters (Archived)GanonslayerN6426/1 9:14PM
Infusion Question (Archived)SwordOfSutekh25/20 12:56PM
Just 1000'd this. Lightning Returns worth it? (Archived)Anti_Roxas74/30 5:04AM
I have played FFXIII. Should I play this? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
smokinace829124/27 9:38PM
Translation company interested in the Ultimania guides -- sign the petition! (Archived)Squall_of_SeeD14/17 3:09PM
I am about to start this game (Archived)Tidus212174/13 10:19AM
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