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I have played FFXIII. Should I play this? (Archived)
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Translation company interested in the Ultimania guides -- sign the petition! (Archived)Squall_of_SeeD14/17/2014
I am about to start this game (Archived)Tidus212174/13/2014
Stupid Crystarium (Archived)CatMuto104/6/2014
So frustrated (again) with Paradox Endings sequence (Archived)Misterdizz74/1/2014
The Captain Cryptic and Brain Blitz Questions (Archived)CatMuto13/31/2014
Can't accept mission - need help (Archived)GaminGGuY23/30/2014
Can't Close Gate for Augusta Tower 200 AF Paradox Ending (Archived)dimhalo8623/23/2014
DLC Bosses (Archived)zombie_blaster23/18/2014
Invincible? Immortal? Are they the same monster? (Archived)Misterdizz23/17/2014
Accessing Vile Peaks - I lack the means of unlocking both of them (Archived)Misterdizz63/16/2014
Divine Lightning Crystarium help (Archived)otakutwin83/15/2014
Stuck, confused with graviton cores (Archived)KVengeance666143/12/2014
Bresha Ruins -100AFdoes not show up on my timeline. Where did it go? (Archived)Misterdizz23/10/2014
Invisible chests (Archived)Tyga3133/9/2014
Missables? (Archived)TcidenebT53/2/2014
infusion order on rav lightning (Archived)tonymack2133/2/2014
DLC Order (Archived)atrombatore73/2/2014
the steppe seems so small comapred to ffxiii and steppe bosses ? (Archived)tonymack2122/28/2014
I'm stuck on a solo Serah fight with Caius in the Void Beyond. (Archived)
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