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Thinking of getting some DLC (Archived)Seahawker65/8/2013
I have 240 MP left, any suggestions? (Archived)
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A sure way to defeat full power Atlas please (Archived)
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Who is the best Sentinel? (Archived)
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So I Just beat This Game For The First Time...(Possible Spoilers) (Archived)
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Why does Mog have to exist (Archived)jintarman104/24/2013
So, I'm confused on XIII-2 and XIII-3 Transition...? (Archived)Master_Arbiter434/22/2013
Thinking about starting the game soon, but you can screw up the crystarium? (Archived)Louisville1594/21/2013
Perfect Save Speed Run (PSSR) (Archived)destrian52224/14/2013
DLC Question (Archived)Thefallenseraph64/10/2013
Freezing Issues (Archived)PH4N70Mxx1754/9/2013
Cactuarama/Gigantuar (Archived)RpgNilson24/5/2013
More than one monster joining at a time (Archived)Dojorkan23/30/2013
Help Requiem of the Goddess <SPOILERS> (Archived)masked_yazoo53/30/2013
I just beat the game. let me get this straight *SPOILERS* (Archived)FaytlessHearts33/27/2013
I've downloaded Requiem of the Goddess but... (Archived)daizengar733/24/2013
I like this story over next the game's one and gameplay too they talked about (Archived)monpoke393/24/2013
Taming question (Archived)enrimel43/22/2013
Really not liking this time travel thing...(possible spoilers?) (Archived)
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North American Steelbook Monster Artwork (Archived)AlwaysRecycle73/19/2013
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