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4 years ago#1
Not that anyone should show any excessive interest in my opinion, but I think the game is far exceeding the negative reviews that some of these know-it-alls have given FFXIII-2. Much improvement from the first installment.

I want to level up Chichu with a ton of Power Orbs, does anyone know where I can find/buy/farm these? I searched the board to no avail - even a link would suffice. Thanks!
4 years ago#2
They are rare drops from Buccaboos and Buccaboo Aces. You can also buy them, but not until the final dungeon.

The main reason I'm anti-Chichu is because it takes a bit of farming if you really want to level him up as soon as possible with Power materials. You can get a lot more done in that time and you don't need him to do it.
4 years ago#3
I'm following the chichu guide, albeit with a cactuar. In the steppes, go west until you come to the canyon. You won't be able to get up to the canyon, but climb up the plateau beside it. Bucaboos will spawn there which drop power orbs, but moblins also occasionally spawn and they drop power essence and power crystals, which you'll need after that. I only had two moblins spawn there, but two is better than zero.

You'll also get a lot of other upgrade material if you fight the other enemies. Should also be helpful down the road when upgrading the other monsters to absorb. I think you can just use any material when leveling the other monsters up, right? Stats don't carry over when absorbed, so using potent stuff should be fine.
4 years ago#4
Thanks guys. I'll definitely check out the Steppe for those fights when the time comes. I don't mind grinding when the time is right but I guess I will wait for the storyline to take me back there. As far as the infusion system goes, I haven't really touched it yet but the idea is pretty appealing.

Btw, how is the Cactuar monster?
4 years ago#5
CentrifugalFunk posted...
Btw, how is the Cactuar monster?

He's strong so far. I figure he'll be viable once I finish leveling him up and absorb the abilities that the guide suggests. The downside is that he's well-grown instead of a late-bloomer, so he'll cap far earlier than Chichu. At least one of his traits is "strong", which improves his strength stat to some extent.

Cactuar's feral link isn't worth a damn. 1,000 Needles only does 1,000 damage. It's a hard cap that can't be improved. But I figured it's better to go with a monster I like. I've always liked cactuars. Wanted to get him to wear a sombrero but there isn't one in the game. Heard there was a top hat. I'll have to find that.

Edit: Oh, and while hunting for those materials in the steppes, make it sunny. That's what I did.
4 years ago#6
Agreed! Cactuar should be fun to play with. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what Chichu actually was. Having been thoroughly pissed off by Neochu, it felt good to take one of his kin under my wing as an ally.

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