invisible treasure chests?

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User Info: omega2775

5 years ago#1
I found a treasure chest in befka ruins or whatever its called (005 af) and mog showed me a chest but I can't open it. Do I have to come back there at a different time to get those kinds of things?
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User Info: Ziterenkoy

5 years ago#2
did you try pressing R1?
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User Info: DarkOstrava

5 years ago#3
mog starts glowing near it and press r1. kinda reminds me of those invisible chests from infinite undiscovery and capelle had to use his flute to see it.

User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#4
You can think of the chests as in a different time period, and you need to use Mog to reveal them
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User Info: Tiael

5 years ago#5
If you haven't gotten the upgrade to Moogle Hunter, continue on in Bresha Ruins until after the monster party member battle, go to near the Time Gate and Moogle will glow and fly off towards a soldier.
Talk to him and then you'll have the ability to reveal the spheres.
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