three fallen stars

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5 years ago#1
im doing this quest and i have the onyx and ivory crystal but cannot find the third one
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5 years ago#2
Where did u find onyx? The last one u will find it insid the cracks
5 years ago#3
which cracks? I've been all around, can't find it.
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5 years ago#4
the last one is hidden in the place you can see in the quest picture from fragmnets, its like a PIT filled with leaves ,its hard to spot the chest unless you really look at it. its in the middle of it,throw moggle into holes.
5 years ago#5
how do i throw moggle
5 years ago#6
progress further in the main story. you get the abillity in 3.2
5 years ago#7
cant go any further until i have some key for the agustus tower or something like that
5 years ago#8
Hi, how do i get the onyx crystal?

i have already got the one the crack and the one next to the southern most teleporter can't find the last one....
5 years ago#9
If you still have sections of the map blocked off, then go to the fork in the road just south of the blocked route. It is an invisible chest sitting on a flat rock.

If you have the entire map open, then errr....I think it is the middle fork that combines the narrow routes with the open area
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5 years ago#10
ahhh thank you. found it
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