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User Info: Clubin

5 years ago#11
Northern (Entrance) Quiz Terminal cont.

What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse?
- (X) Gardening

Sazh is best-known for his abilities as a pilot, but what is his former occupation?
- (O) Train conductor

The game 'Holostation' has become a must-have for the female population of Academia. Why has it led to a declining birthrate?
- (^) You can make a virtual boyfriend

What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day at the casino Serendipity?
- ([]) Gabbiani

What does Serah do for a living?
- (^) Teacher

What company became famous for their sales copy 'It's moogle o'clock, it's time to enjoy moogle bread'?
- (X) Stiltzkin's Bakery

Heads or tails?
- (^) Heads

Heads or tails?
- ([]) Tails

What is the name of the tower built by the Academy in 13 AF?
- (^) Augusta Tower

Red or black?
- (O) Red

Who is the brother of the children's favorite superhero Ultima Ace?
- (O) Ultimabro

Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion?
- (O) Stikini

What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot?
- (^) 'The Boy and His Bot'

What act performed by the comedian Fl-Fl-Flan got him booted off of every TV station?
- ([]) Wanna touch my shaolong gui?

What coat pattern does Serah's cat Snow have?
- (X) Calico

Which monster dons colorful garb?
- (^) Apotamkin

Which of the following is the Academy not responsible for?
- (^) Running Serendipity

Which legendary flan has a pink tail?
- (X) Flan Princess

In the song 'Tiny Lulu,' to which city did the little girl's best friend move away?
- (^) Bodhum

Who has scored the most points and is known as the king of Cocoon's Premium League?
- (O) Cazzaro 'The King' Mueller
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