Unlocking Chocobo in Archylte Steppe?

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4 years ago#11

nvm finally just figured id double check something.

Verify on your map that there is a total of 5 cactaurs showing (including the gold one even though it shows red on the map).

Apparently unlocking the gate leaves on red cactaur out of its quest steps , there should be 2 cactaurs very far west not just one. Stormy = lightning weather also for it to show up.

4 years ago#12

gate quest leaves one red out *   typo. Should 5 total on map counting gold as a red, so not 4 like i was thinking.

4 years ago#13
I verified it...Ive got the 2 in the marshes to the west. The gold one. The one near the gate. And the one in the field. Thats all 5...plus I got the 3 blue ones and killed the gigantaurs.....so what am i missing?
4 years ago#14

looks like having the red4 1 gold is just coincidense for some people.

heres another way then the real way I'm guessing.

Goto fragments > do you have 1 threw 8 and have you been inside vile peaks 200 at least once ? (unlocked in A.P. from unlocking cactaurs + using a wild gate key on it)

I have 1 through 8 and visted peaks once, only thing I can think dif.

4 years ago#15

Sorry > framents > locations > Arcylite peek (bad spell) > have at least 8 (maybe not 1 through 8 though.)

4 years ago#16

Also once you get 8 fragments so you can use chocobo, here is how to unlock yomi so you can get uber gil per fight (try to save up for collectors catelog upgrades and upgrade gold chocobo to get those too, Im broke right now so will have to do a few without any catalogs lol. (cant upgrade gold choco let alone upgrade catalogs after winning 2 in a race)

From splits guide once you get 8 frags + chocobo

Nomad chief offers a quest to kill Ochu. Make rainy weather and depart for blue
"!" to face off VS Ochu. After planting it you get AF??? ARCHYLTE STEPPE
FRAGMENT (10/12).

Leave for HC and come back right away. Nomad chief offers a quest to kill Yomi,
while the girl tending the ship offers a quest to kill Invincible.

Make cloudy weather and depart for blue "!" to face off VS Invincible. Kill it

Make stormy weather with lightnings and grab a chocobo. W from a blue gate is a
high pillar, on which you can jump from the ledge to the S while on a chocobo
(hold Circle to glide). When you land on top of pillar, Serah auto-dismounts
the chocster, Yomi appears and battle begins. Pluck all Yomi's feathers for

You can flip switch down up again to refight yomi
4 years ago#17

Forgot to add 2 things in list above.

Its 8 frags > visit vile peaks once > have all 5 cactaurs showing in your main map for chocobo.

Then before you can get quest from nomad chief (after the above) you have to kill long quie (sunny).

"Then" you can do above whats posted.

4 years ago#18
What I did to get the chocobo was complete the story mission that took place there. then I talked to the girl outside the stables n she thanked me for helping then gave me a chocobo. I also had all the cactuar statues activated but idk if that mattered based off of what she said
4 years ago#19
This is a little late but, you have to activate all the red teleporters too not just find them... They are activated when they have an aura around them.
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