Need a Wild Artefact? Complete list of 10 Wild Artefacts with video support

#1Split InfinityPosted 2/5/2012 1:52:39 AM(edited)
So yesterday I finally got my hands on the last Widl Artefact and I made a video showing where to get all ten.

Wild Artefact list
1. AF005 Bresha Ruins - autoget as part of tutorial
2. AF200 Oerba - check the ledge NW from the big tree in middle of the map, need moogle throwing ability
3. AF300 Sunleth Waterscape - when riding the beast from N to S, look on your left to spot Wild Artefact suspended in air, need moogle throwing
4. AF??? Archylte Steppe - extreme W, down on ledge in the ravine with moogle throwing
5. AF??? Seredipity - buy Wild Artefact for about 10000 coins (or 7500 if you have Haggler)
6. AF200 Augusta Tower - on F50, middle walkway, in plain sight
7. AF700 Dying World - E side, examine the Oracle Drive before the monument, return after you complete Episode 5
8. AF300 Bresha Ruins - do the "Iridium Ring" quest
9. AF4XX Academy - Alley in SE corner, concealed, need Moogle Hunt
10. AF100 Yaschas Massif - complete all 4 requests for red spheres, and then solve the Temporal Rift that appears in NE part of the map

If words aren't enough, here's the video.
The first complete English guide to Final Fantasy XIII-2 is here!
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You're awesome! Thanks so much.
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Split are you human?

Youre a machine. Gotta be <3
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I heart you
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Machine. Gotta be.

It rhymed. This thread is now uber status, due to that and the vid. Thank you split.
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The first complete English guide to Final Fantasy XIII-2 is here!
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Why couldn't you have made this earlier! Found another video that had all that on youtube. QQ
Still GREAT JOB! I bet other people will worship you (i would've too if you made this 2 days earlier lol)
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Is there a way to check which ones you already have? I don't want to be searching places where I already got one and just don't remember.
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SPLIT! *tackles fellow FAQ writer*
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Thank much. Lol