Not receiving quest for Yomi, any idea why?

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4 years ago#1
Sitting at 11/12 fragments for Arch Steppes AF ???. Just finished up Ochu, Immortal, and Long Gui but the nomad leader still isn't giving me the quest for Yomi. Everytime I talk to him he just says "You killed that monster?! I can sleep on rainy days now." Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated.
4 years ago#2
quick board
4 years ago#3
you need to futher the story, i get the quest before final boss fight.
4 years ago#4
i cant get the quests for the 3 monsters why cant i? ive beat the game got the 8 cact stones and killed a long gui and have 131 frags but i still cant the the 3 quests why not??
4 years ago#5
It's not an issue of story I have the game completed, I'm going through collecting fragments and getting paradox endings so that's certainly not the issue.
4 years ago#6
4 years ago#7
Have you tried changing the weather pattern and talking to him again?
4 years ago#8
Yeah tried in stormy and rainy since ochu was in rainy and yomi is supposed to be stormy, no luck with either though. Oddly enough ochu and immortal are not respawning in weather changes but Long Giu is so I wonder if that has something to do with it
4 years ago#9
Have you tried leaving the zone and loading back?
4 years ago#10
Yeah jumped over to Serendipity for a while and came back still nothing.
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  3. Not receiving quest for Yomi, any idea why?

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