A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter One: Instruments of Fate

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3 years ago#1
Welcome to a Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII Role Playing Game! Here we will be weaving a tale of tragedy and action as those doomed to live the rest of their lives as a L'cie fight for their fate and the future of all mankind! You can find a FNCFFXIIIRPG Primer on how the mechanics work here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/585418-pete-rose-baseball/61909393

Interested in joining in on the fun? Following the rules in the Primer, make your character in this topic and wait for approval. As of this post, all are welcome. Not interested in battling? Make a character description and biography sans character sheet and we'll shoe you in as a tagalong for the roleplay oppurtunities!

Starring: (Roll Call!)
Final_Cataclsym (As Angil), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
DarknessEnvoker (As Kalos), Ready for Role Play!
kuro-shinigami (As Kei), Ready for Role Play!
SkrallRampager, awaiting RP character information.
MirageAngel, awaiting RP character information.
Doomerang, awaiting RP (& Battle?) character information.
Naridar, awaiting RP (& Battle?) character information.
ArmedDragoon, awaiting RP (& Battle?) character information.
<You, yes you! Your name here.>, awaiting RP & Battle character information.

If you aren't listed as Ready for Role Play or Ready for Role Play & Battle, please fill out your information based on the primer and post it here (or there) before you pick up and play.

Ladies and gentlemen, on with the show!
3 years ago#2
Bohemia is a rather large village. Buildings on the outskirts are often made of clay and animal skins, while the center is more tradionally made of wood, clay and mortar. There are marble paths throughout the city. There are directions everywhere pointing to the safe zones, usually roof tops in the center of town and sturdy towers and viewing walls around the outskirts. There is a main gate at the south entrance of town where the Gran Road leads up to.

The village of Bohemia is in rapture today. The ever inviting atmosphere of my-home-is-your-home pervades the community as many old family friends convene and share mead and meal to start there day. The sun has just peaked over the horizon and already the streets are bustling with activity. Children run rampant in the streets. They play games pretending that they are the ones hunting monsters, with some poor sap usually declared the monster. Merchants have set up shop on the shanty streets to hawk their wares. Ranging from potions, fine weapons and accessories, to toys and memorabilia of the grand event that is taking place all week: The Festival of the Hunt!

Every tri-centennial, Bohemia hosts the Festival of the Hunt to celebrate the danger of their everday life, to honor the Gods for their strong harvests and their place on the lay of Gran Pulse, and to bolster the pride of every warrior brave enough to fend their towns from the constant threat of dangerous wild beasts. For months leading up to the festival, the peerless hunter Malakkar dia Bohemia and his clan of warriors have travelled to collect the most dangerous of game. Megistotherians, imps, svarogs, managarmrs, cactuars, and yes, even cie'th, all have been penned up and ready to let loose in a game for who is the ultimate hunter! Last year's victor was a known L'cie, Dhauba yun Crystal Lei. Working with a small clan, she kept the wounded in shape with her powerful healing fonts. When they survived to face the Final Hunt, a towering golem, her magic brought the golem to it's knees as she and her clan finished it off for the grand prize.

A horn is sounded throughout the village. At the village square, it is announced when the games will begin. "Hear-ye, hear-ye! All hunters competing in today's events meet in 1 hour outside the main gate! At half past that hour, all non-combatants in the village must stay in predesignated safe zones for your own health!"

This is a Role Play Oppurtunity. Have a look around town, make up and talk to NPCs if you wish. Meet up with other players. If you have any spare gil, you can spend it at the item shop. When you are ready to begin: Role play over to the main gate if you are a Battler, and if you are a Role Player find a safe spot to watch but prepare to get caught up in trouble (or perhaps even help cause it), anyway! Next time, the hunt will begin!

Item Shop:
(100)Potion: Heals 200 HP
(150)Antidote: Removes Poison on yourself or target ally.
(150)Wax: Removes Imperil on yourself or target ally.
(150)Painkiller: Removes Pain on yourself or target ally.
(150)Mallet: Removes Fog on yourself or target ally.
(500)Remedy: Removes one status ailment of your choice on yourself or target ally.
(1000)Ether: Restores 1 TP to yourself
(1000)Librascope: Libra on all enemy combatants
(3000)Aegisol: Gain Protect, Shell, Veil (2 turns)
(5000)Fortisol: Gain Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)
(200)Red Fang: Casts Fire on single target.
(200)Blue Fang: Casts Blizzard on single target.
(200)White Fang: Casts Thunder on single target.
(200)Pale Fang: Casts Aero on single target.

Note, also, that I welcome all criticisms on my role play setting up! I'm not very practiced at it, and if you have ideas on how I should set everyone up to roleplay more easily, let me know. What sort of things I should describe, etc.
3 years ago#3

Um... Kei at the Main Gate and Ready for battle?

3 years ago#4
I like your style, kuro! I'm giving a few of the others an oppurtunity to post before I continue... A few people said they were interested in it just to roleplay, so I'm giving catering to that demographic a shot.
3 years ago#5
This all seems very interesting. I'll post back in a bit once I've filled out the required info. In the meantime, name dropping Diablos for my Eidolon.
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3 years ago#6
Edited my character on your other thread, let me know if it's alright or not. Interested in participating in this for awhile.
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3 years ago#7
How often do we have to be online to play this? I have it all prepared, but I can't say I can make the commitment yet.
3 years ago#8
PM'd the character to ya. Hope that's alright.
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3 years ago#9


500 CP to HP
(500/10)*6 = 300
+ 200 bonus = 500

280 CP to Str
(280/10)*1 = 28
+ 15 bonus = 43

220 CP to Mag
(220/10)*1 = 22
+ 15 bonus = 37

<Action abilities>

<Action abilities>

<Action abilities>

<Tactical Maneuver>

10 Potion(s)
2 Antidote(s)

Vincere is a young adult, 22, with long brown hair tied back neatly with slightly shorter hair unbound and reaching down past his chin with slight facial hair. His eyes are a mix of steel-blue and teal that seem rather cold.

He wears a black, although faded from time, shirt with dark pants and well worn boots. Around his right wrist is a small metal chain. He has a long, dark coat which he often has hanging from his left shoulder or drapped around him, but never truly wears regardless of the weather.

Time has seen him leave his home of Paddra and travelling back and forth to Haerii in his early childhood to late teens, becoming proficient in the use of katanas. After a series of unfortunate events, he left alone to travel on his own and recently has come to stay at Bohemia, now fighting with a katana with a near golden color blade that at times shines a faint and unearthly glow, brightening and dimming with an almost lifelike rhythm. The hilt is made of true gold with crimson braid around the handle and a gold ornament at the end with a chain leading from it to a single feather from a silver chocobo, serving as an apparent charm of sorts.

Despite the existence of Fal'Cie like Anima who serve as a protector for their village, Vincere has doubts about their benevolence, having become distrustful of the Fal'Cie over the course of his life, with a particular disdain for the Fal'Cie Titan.

Eidolin: Diablos
Location of brand: covering a scar across his left-forearm; gives the unusual appearance of the scar seemingly having slashed through the brand.
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3 years ago#10
Name: Syntyche

HP+300 = 500 points
MAG+50 = 500 points

HP = 500
STR = 15
MAG = 65





20 potions


Syntyche is a battle veteran. Growing up as a youth, he was bullied around and picked on from fellow classmates at the school of arts. Throughout his childhood, he slowly but surely learned the ways to defend himself. After some time and dedication, he mastered his trade and began to teach others the ways of non-violence battling. Not being one to back down and give up his training, he spent years upon years mastering and developing new techniques to aid him in his teachings. Now at the ripe age of 60, he's viewed as a master teacher and a great ally to have in battle. While he sits and defends himself and makes others strike him, his allies have open windows to deal out the physical threat.


Syntyche is an older man but one wouldn't tell by his stamina. Despite his flowing gray hair, and long full gray beard, nothing else really gives away his age. He is a stocky guy, roughly 5 feet tall and 175lbs. Being viewed as a tank, it is no doubt why he wears his camouflage gear into each and every battle. Dressed to impress, his faithful sidekick is none other than Doomtrain. This Eidolon is his one and only TRUE friend, who he knows will never turn on him.

Location of brand: Smack dab in the middle of his forehead. Some often view it as an all seeing eye, since he is well versed in predicting attacks from enemies.
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