so i havent even played ff13

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User Info: pat_riots_12

5 years ago#1
Should i get it? Or should i skip it and get this?

User Info: chocolatesoda

5 years ago#2

You should get it. It's well worth its price! :D

User Info: onlyfinishedffx

5 years ago#3
Get this. The first one is a movie.

User Info: consume123

5 years ago#4
Get it and rage at the fact that random encounter cieth can insta death your party leader

User Info: whitehiliter

5 years ago#5
The first one is good. Lots of knitpicky americans complain and bandwagon that the game is bad, but it isn't. If you like JRPGs then get it. It's only 20$ new

User Info: Rose_Mage

5 years ago#6
Check out the demo or some Youtube videos about it.

Then decide it.
"The real reason Figaro Castle is in the desert: nowhere to plug in a console that could potentially run XIII-2." ~ Hushfall

User Info: albelnox112

5 years ago#7
skip 13

User Info: LiNkTrIfOrCe

5 years ago#8
Well I hated XIII myself but so far I'm liking XIII-2

I say skip that bull**** called FFXIII and read the prologue in XIII-2 :)

User Info: mrmayonnaise

5 years ago#9
worth the price? regardless if its free its not worth your time... why play something sub-par when you could just play something better? FFXIII-2, as silly as it might sound, is a better game.

User Info: Cyb0rg_Raiden

5 years ago#10
Don't skip it, trust me. Play FFXIII first and you'll thank me later. Not only is XIII amazing IMO, but you'll appreciate XIII-2 a whole lot more after experiencing XIII to get an understanding of XIII's world and everything about it. I mean, this is a sequel so it's a bit obvious, but yeah, don't skip it.

At the very least you should give XIII a chance.
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  3. so i havent even played ff13

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