yaschas massif missing watch quest glitched(tried everything)

#1idunnowho1Posted 2/21/2012 7:03:08 PM
i have the quest you get in 10AF yaschas massif to find the missing watch in the canyon. the item i should get for completing is innocence sacred sphere.

i have used mogs treasure hunt at the edge of each canyon, and then thrown him in the canyon of each of the following areas.
10AF yaschas massif
1XAF yaschas massif
110AF yaschas massif

every time i fail to either see, or retrieve the chest that should be sitting there.

i have gone back to the quest giver in case i already had it, and she never acts like i have her item.

i am lost, and starting to think it is glitched. i have seen the videos for where it is, and read a lot of forums however it just isnt there and i dont have the item.

please help me.
#2AyumiSqueezetoyPosted 2/21/2012 7:04:28 PM
it's the very thin, long canyon north of where you meet the guy north of where Chocobocolinaloola is when it's all dark... I threw Mog in there, and got it by accident. I was just throwing her for fun.
#3J4yFr3nzyPosted 2/21/2012 7:06:59 PM
Its in 110AF you can see the treasure cube off the ledge just north of where the spotlight area is in 10AF you have to use the mog throw to get it but its very visible from the cliff its more straight then down.
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#4idunnowho1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2012 7:07:17 PM
yah i know where it is supposed to be and i have thrown mog in every time zone for yaschas massif, but it is ever there
#5idunnowho1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2012 7:08:05 PM
you people should read more. i said i know where it should be, and i have tried that but it just isnt there
#6puppetmaster654Posted 2/21/2012 7:11:51 PM(edited)
It is actually in 100 AF Yaschas Massif.. not 110 AF... Which is found by Wild Artefact in Acedemia 400AF
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#7idunnowho1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2012 7:12:01 PM
then thats probably where i messed up ill start trying to figure out how to open 100AF thx
#8idunnowho1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2012 7:14:41 PM
ill update in the next 4 hour see if that fixes it. im in my java class right now.
#9mrjack_2012Posted 2/21/2012 7:15:04 PM
i don't think it's a glitch. the watch is at Yaschas Massif 110 AF.

it is floating up and down at the canyon. you should be able to see it. and you need to throw your moogle to retrieve it.

ensure you are at the correct location and if still can't, maybe you should complete other quest before giving this a try again.
#10idunnowho1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2012 7:16:08 PM
yah i dont see anything in 110 Af canyon, and i already did every other quest in that area.