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4 years ago#1
I picked up 11 of these before I FINALLY bagged Don Tonberry. Does it make a good item..or should I just sell them? I'm having trouble farming gil. My best source as of now is Yomi with Gilfider II on Chichu.
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4 years ago#2
There are 2 better ways than that:

Play Sazh's new DLC and get millions of chips in Chronobind OR beat Raspatil in Oerba 400AF.

You can get so much money that it's ridiculous playing Chronobind because you can buy Elixirs or Phoenix Blood's with the chips or something like that and you can get a million chips in about an hour of play. So it's a great way to get Gil.
4 years ago#3
may have to try the sazh thing, becaue I already tried to fight that boss...and unfornitly..I can't bet it yet. Got it down to it's last 300,000, then those 4 sword cieth things came out and creamed my leaders. It's funny seeing how I can beat Yomi in 4 minutes.

How long does it take to get gil in sazh's game?
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4 years ago#4
You get chips in Sazh's game, not gil. But I can get 1 million chips in one hour from playing Chronobind. You can exchange chips for prizes in the other Serendipity and then you can sell your prizes to Chocolina. Huge gil sponge.
4 years ago#5
i havent read this one im doing here:

Academia 500AF... if u have a good party and a Blue Chocobo (or Lightning)maxed out infused with Gilfinder II, Item Scavenger II and Item Collector (or just a Durable Collector Catallog) u can farm Mimi and the Bamapama for the Starblossom Seed component that u can sell for 14,300 a piece and sometimes they give u 3 or 4 per battle and sometimes one but with a good party the battle should end in like 15 seconds and they appear a lot on the plataform to the right next to Chocolina on the entrance... the trick is NOT to get a Preemptive Attack cuz if u do Mimi will summom a monster that can make the fight last long... i started doing this the first time i visited Academia 500AF and have get millions (i have spend millions too lol)... just NOT get a Preemtive Attack and end the battle with a 5 start to have better chances of dropping =]
4 years ago#6
Scarletite, along with Dark Matter, is used to make Genji equips. (there are 3 of them, and you need 2 Scar's, and one Dark Matter to make one)

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